March 22, 2015
Hello, I hAve been trying for a few years to figure out who is the best person or place to go to with this. I want to know how common the stone is to find or to have? I ask because I came across a stone a few years back that I traded some things for at a antique dealer. l had no idea what it was or anything and figured that it was probably not real, but I felt good about it for some reason. My fiancé was not feeling the same. The trad value was around 50.00$ so that was not cheap for a stone that was a little bigger than my hand.

Anyway that is all I know. The dealer said he got it from someone else on another trade. He just wanted to get rid of it. It looks just like the Aztec Calandar with the face in the middle and all the symbols, I need to have this looked at . It looks very real. and feels real. I don't know if it is authentic what it would reLly mean to anyone but , I would hate to have it sitting in my home doing nothing.

if you have any thoughts or ideas, please foward this to someone!! thanks. Carrie Johnson

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