October 20, 2013
Please give me an answer. For the last 3 weeks I see this at least once a day. Sometimes I wake up to it. What is going on. I'm trying to pay attention to the times it happens but it seem so random. My insides say it is something really good. Could someone fill me in. ; )
October 21, 2013
Have you read the page on Token Rock about 11:11? It is a pretty good commentary.

I wrote about my experiences of seeing 11:11, 11:22 and 1:11 and so on in my book, Rediscovering Your Divine Music. I asked Richard Merrick, author of Interference A Grand Scientific Musical Theory and contributor to Token Rock, to give a mathematical explanation as a contribution to my book to what it could mean by seeing 11:11. He wrote:

"It can also be seen in terms of harmonic resonance as it occurs in music or even atoms. It is a fact that the most resonant or energetic interval in music is a major sixth, which is the proportion 5:3. We can express 11:11 as: ((5/3)*2)^2=11:111111111.... What this is saying is that 11:11 occurs when something is resonating at maximum, then reflected and squared. Now, when space is reflected (as a surface) and squared, it can be said to unfold into a cube. So, 11:11 could be said to represent a 3D mirroring proportion in Nature that creates a highly resonant cube. After all, a string of 1's is an infinity of unity."

I continued the chapter by saying that what I believed he is suggesting here is that the brain resonates in space and may use such a method to connect to the mind and thus, to our higher self.
January 02, 2014
Hi Kpe7

I am including a link to the Empath Community site where I have a group called the Library of Inspiration. Here is a link to the specific topic on 1111.

1111 / Lightworker

Throw some love into the wind.

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