Sophia Paul

Mantra: Om Shanti
Blog Posts: 14
Sophia is the author of 'It's not about putting your foot behind your ear, an inspiring journey of transformation through Yoga'. As a certified Yoga Instructor with more than 30 years of experience her book demonstrates how the simplicity of yoga and a holistic lifestyle can transform your life into one of peace, health and happiness..She deeply loves nature and lives in the Colorado mountains close to her children and grandchildren.

Sophia has practiced yoga/meditation for over 30 years, studied ayurveda and yoga philosophy/meditation with many different teachers (among them Gen-la Chokyi Dhakpa, Patricia Hansen, Hansa Knox) in various countries (Europe, North and South America) and became a yoga instructor a few years ago. She is currently teaching Yoga/Meditation/Reiki/Spiritual Journaling at RRCC, Lakewood; she also taught at Meadow Creek B&B, Pine, On the Move Fitness, Conifer; Sophia is the owner of ROYAL YOGA, Bailey.

Sophia has degrees as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Bachelors in Holistic Nutrition, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

'Living an Inspired Life' on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually is Sophia's natural state of being. Inspiring others to do the same and evolving to their highest, best, happiest Self is what makes her most happy. Starting with sending some encouraging words in an email to friends grew into a large list of people asking her to be added to her 'Daily Inspirational Emails'; inquiries are coming from all across the globe because friends forwarded her emails to friends to family members. 'It makes my day, when I see how my few encouraging words can help someone who is afraid, stressed or depressed to see light and beauty again', Sophia's words. Out of that came her blog and now being a part of Token Rock.

Based on Sophia's many years of experience and practicing yoga she developed her own OmShanti Yoga/Work-out clothing line. Sophia's mission is to provide high quality, affordable yoga/workout clothes made with organic sustainable material (cotton, bamboo, wool, soy) designed for goddesses of all sizes and shapes.

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