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Scott Leuthold

Mantra: The music plays. Listen and you shall hear.
As a creative mind, Scott Leuthold has more than twenty years of experience in the realm of graphic design, branding development, product design, and internet development.

In his past experience, he has held positions including Art Director, Creative Director, and Director of Product Development for a variety of successful companies in various markets. He has managed large design teams on multi-million dollar projects.

Scott's vast experience includes the design of more than one hundred toys, children's books, and games, hundreds of interactive websites and media presentations, a wide range of thick and thin client software applications, extensive corporate identity, product branding, packaging, and national advertising campaigns.

Scott led a team of seventeen designers in the development of mass-market, licensed, retail toys, books and games for such organizations as Disney, Pixar, Fox Animation Studios, Golden Books Family Entertainment, NASCAR, NHRA, and many other popular licensed brands. His product designs have been sold worldwide by such retailers as Target, FAO Schwartz, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club,, and more.

Scott has received more than ten national awards for designs he created in the areas of Branding and Advertising, Packaging, Web Design, and Product Design.

Scott and Carrie-Anne D'Angelo co-founded Token Rock, Inc. in 2006. At the time, Scott's career goals were in transition. Looking to shift his focus from design as a 'for hire' service, his interests ran to utilizing his skills and experience to launch an organization that would not only provide inspiration to himself, but also act as an inspiration to others, igniting quests of self-discovery in those touched by the project.

Scott strives to set a new standard of quality design in the industry of information delivery related to spirituality, cutting-edge quantum research, and any area focused on pushing the envelope of self-empowerment. His goal is to achieve a wider public acceptance of the material, thus expanding consciousness of the human race and expediting the awakening process in a larger number of individuals. His efforts appear to be paying off. Just as Token Rock celebrated its first anniversary, the website was officially nominated for a prestigious Webby Award by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. (

His motivation is his own curiosity and drive to find answers to life's questions and to continue a quest he embarked on in 1998 to achieve inner peace and happiness, which ultimately led him to Steven and Carrie-Anne, the Token Rock concept, and his vision for the Token Rock Journals (now called TruJournal Social Network). Aside from design, Scott directs the path of Token Rock, contributes articles and blogs on a wide range of subject matter, and leads groups on travel Adventures around the world.

Watch for Scott's new book, Rediscovering Your Divine Music, a book about finding balance and harmony through an understanding of our relationship to all things in our reality. Find more about this book by visiting our Sound Center.