John Jensen

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John Jensen's sustaining interest has been helping people prosper, which he has pursued through spirituality, education, and social change.

After graduating college in 1957, he entered the seminary and was a Catholic priest for four years, 1964-68. His success in working with groups led him to attempt community organizing, and into a lifetime interest in social change that culminated in his 2007 book, Finding your Inner Lenin: Taking Responsibility for Global Change (Xlibris). His interest in education led to an MS in Counseling from San Diego State University, and then a Ph.D. in Human Development from Union Institute in 1975, focusing his research on how classroom methods impact children. From 1971 he has served as an educational consultant, training teachers in a dozen states, and since 1977 as a clinical psychologist licensed in Alaska.

Psychology and spirituality came together in his 2003 book Experience with Spiritual Reality (Xlibris), which explored issues involving both psychology and spirituality that seekers commonly encounter. From an insight in 1992 about how young people are motivated, he developed an approach to classroom instruction that turns classrooms around or accelerates them. It was published in 2008 as The Silver Bullet Easy Learning System: How to Change Classrooms Fast and Energize Students for Success (Xlibris).

He has been trained and certified by the International Graphoanalysis Society as a Master Graphoanalyst, used this skill extensively in jury screening and case analysis for attorneys, in family counseling and individual psychotherapy, and lectured about it extensively.

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