Barbara Ferrell

Mantra: I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they personally prove otherwise.
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Barbara's interest in numerology stems from beliefs at a very young age that went against convention. At three years old she felt that the Universe was not what the Nuns taught. I was three, what did I know? She let the road of Life show her.

Being a military brat, her travels led her to interesting places. One was as a youngster in Cuba during the Batista-Castro Revolution. She found the island an interesting place for a child to roam.

Her avocation required reading every psychology book she could find. This led her from behind the proscenium to the front of it, helping to earn a modest living before the camera only to go into television production. The natural progression was to coauthor an almost produced screenplay (while submitting her manuscript, her agent said the studios became fascinated with bug pictures and an interested production company broke up). She wrote stage plays performed by noted actors and penned award-winning poems, progressing to short stories and that proverbial squirreled-away novel. She gave talks on writing dialogue and self-published a booklet stemming from them plus other minor writing projects.

Her paying-the-rent work life was extensive beginning as an information operator. From there she worked as a cosmetic lab technician, a secretary for aerospace companies and an oil company, for attorneys and one of their associations, and much more. She once even found herself briefly on Capitol Hill as a clerk.

She started an organization to help needy individuals while in one spiritual group, and developed an interest in numerology. While deciphering the meanings of the numbers in No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE that Llumina Press is publishing, she realized that psychology has more relevancy to them than forecasting. Once finding the connecting thread in the letters from the first number to the last, a circle of completion emerged. During the construction of this method of numerology, the theory began to root that all of us on this planet have either weak Life Forces or lost them.
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