Avia Venefica

Mantra: Be well. Do well. All is well. (and keep breathing!)
Avia Venefica is a rogue interpreter of the deeper symbolism she sees inherent in all life. Her symbolic interpretations come from a place of wonder, and a knowing that all things are interconnected.

The cornerstone of Avia's understanding is Nature. She contends Nature (in all its forms, including cosmic) is a divine, sacred energy and is the savior of humankind.

Avia uses organic symbolism as a platform for expressing these contentions as her keenest attention is continually drawn to symbolic meanings revealed in natural energy.

Other sources of inspiration come from a unique lineage. She is part of a heretical heritage that maintains inclusion and empathy as the backbone of Knowing. Unconventionalism is a recurring theme in Avia's work, but not for the sake of oddity. Rather, her somewhat renegade point of view is born from a need to see magic and divinity in every ounce of life. She's compulsive about tapping into the deeper meanings of existence and reality.

And so, bubbling out of this motley brew of heritage, personal compulsion and natural intuition emerges a storehouse of perspective. These perspectives are made manifest in Avia's writing and public speaking about natural symbolism.

You can learn more about her views on natural symbolism and Ecointuition via her articles on Token Rock or through her websites:

Divine Music