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Alain Briot is a nature photographer, philosopher, music producer, teacher and writer. Originally from France, Alain first visited the Western United States in 1983 before coming back as a student in 1986. Alain received his Bachelor and Masters degrees from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff and worked on his PhD at Michigan Technological University (MTU) in Houghton Michigan until the cold and the mosquitoes forced him to return to Arizona.

Upon his return to Arizona Alain and his wife Natalie lived on the Navajo Reservation, in Chinle, for 7 years. They moved to Peoria in 2002 and have retained very close ties with the Dine, the Navajo People. They visit the many friends they have in Navajoland regularly and continue to photograph the landscapes of Navajoland.

Alain's studies focused on photography, journalism, writing, philosophy and rhetoric. Alain was trained as a teacher, and taught chemical and digital photography, as well as technical and creative writing at the university level for 5 years.

Author of Mastering Landscape Photography, Alain creates Fine Art Landscape photographs, teaches photography workshops and seminars, writes essays on photography and publishes tutorials on composition, printing and marketing photography. Alain and his wife, Natalie, have made a living from the sale of Alain's fine art photographs since 1997.

Because of his own experience, Alain is very interested in what leads us to succeed, be it in photography, in marketing or in any other endeavor. By helping photographers create sophisticated images or market their work professionally, Alain has seen many examples of success that have enabled him to define what leads someone to success or, inversely, what causes someone to fail. Alain believes that success is tied to doing what we love rather than attempting to excel at something we do not enjoy.

Alain's vision of success follows Aristotle's who said that success is finding happiness. Alain is very interested in what motivates us to seek success, as well as what each of us considers to be success and how we find what makes us happy.

It is this research on success, based in part on his personal experience, in part from interaction with other artists, and in part on his extensive readings and research, that Alain wishes to present to you on Token Rock. To this end Alain has written a series of essays on the subject of success, focusing on art or simply writing about what Alain considers to be the universal rules of success.

If you are interested in studying photography, Alain's website offers a wealth of resources that includes numerous free essays, a large selection of Alain's fine art photographs, and CD and DVD tutorials also lists.

Alain welcomes your comments and questions. You can email him directly and visit his website by clicking on the links below his photo.
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