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My first psychic experience happened when I was 8 years old. I awoke one night and saw the shimmering body of my 2 year old brother standing in my dark bedroom. He started gesturing me to follow him down the hallway to my parent's bedroom. When I got to the doorway I saw my little brother's body sleeping next to my mother in the bed, and his transparent, white, glowing astral body standing in the door way laughing at me. Needless to say, I ran back to my room, turned on all the lights, and on some level of my being swore that I would not have any more strange experiences.

It wasn't until I went to Mexico in the early 1970's, that my commencement into the intuitive realms began.

My journey of becoming a spiritual practitioner has taken me through 40 years of mystical development, attuning to my natural gifts and acquiring metaphysical skills and knowledge. I was studying for a B.A. degree at the Universidad de las Americas, in Puebla Mexico, when I had a series of experiences that made it clear to me that God/Goddess existed. I knew that there was a spark of Divine White Light deep within me that could never be extinguished. Next I was given a pack of Tarot cards and a teacher that had studied the Tarot cards in a metaphysical school in England appeared. She taught me how to bond with the cards and receive information from them. Next my trance channeling started. The loving group energy that calls themselves The Assembly of Light first contacted me in Mexico. I now do group and individual trance channeling sessions that allow The Assembly of Light to communicate a wealth of information on finding your soul purpose, health challenges, relationships and much more.

Since since my sojourn in Mexico,I have studied Past Life Regression with Dick Sutphen, a pioneer in the field of Hypnosis. I use Past Life Regression as a method to release physical problems of the present life, to understand why we are in certain relationships with individuals and how to use career potentials of past lifetimes.

I taught myself Western astrology and by the time of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, I had grasped the complexity of Astrology and had created my method of using Astrology to take advantage of opportune times in life.

My connection to Mayan calendar astrology started in 1998 when I began my relationship with deceased Mayan calendar scholar Ian Xel Lungold. I had many adventures with him that I have written about in my book, The Mayan Sacred Count of Days. From our connection I learned about the sacred calendar of the Maya, the Tzolkin. It has 20 astrology signs. It also has a way to help you be in harmony with the energy of each day. A Mayan Tree of Life astrology reading will tell you about your past and future influences and your masculine and feminine energies. I also offer Mayan Day Keeper divination that is the same as the Mayan Day Keepers perform for clients in their villages today. It gives amazingly accurate answers to any question.

When I moved to Sedona 10 years ago, I learned Reiki energy healing and sound healing from a graduate of a sound healing school in England. I have also mastered an energy healing technique called Integrated Energy Therapy. It pulls out stagnant energy from the chakra centers and 'Gets the Issues out of your Tissues'.

As you can see, I am a perpetual student of spiritual pursuits. I have mastered many disciplines and I am always looking to learn more of what interests me and will serve the people that I serve.
I have recently opened an office in Sedona, AZ called Red Rock Psychic. I am constantly astonished by the fantastic people that come to have sessions with me. I also do phone sessions in Astrology, Psychic readings and Trance Channeling

I hope to hear from you soon!

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