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You Lift, You Lose

Posted: December 16, 2009

Many other types of exercise are beneficial for fat loss, strength training is by far 'the key' to losing fat in this plan. Not only you will lose body fat but you will also gain muscle tone. Even though you might not burn a great deal of calories during your strength training workout, you will ultimately burn a greater amount of fat. The addition of muscle tone on an individual will cause an increase in the number of calories that are burned at rest. So it is reassuring to know while one is exerting themselves through a high intensity workout that the hard work will result in a faster metabolism that continues to burn calories even after the workout. As I have mentioned in the Nutrition Part of the book Mind Over Body, for each pound of muscle you carry, you'll burn an additional 50 calories. Think of it, how would you like to be burning extra calories even when sitting and having a nice conversation with friends? The extra consumption is on a constant basis, that means that if you gain a mere three pounds of muscles, you will be able to burn 1050 of extra calories per week, regardless or you working out or not, resulting in losing 15 pounds of fat in one year, providing that your nutritional plan is in accordance with your goals.. Strength training promotes greater post exercise oxygen consumption than cardio with effect lasting up to fifteen hour.

Here are some of the many benefits of strength training:

Increases muscle tone. Decreases body fat. Raise metabolic rate. Strengthen your bones. Increased functional strength for daily activity. You look better. You feel better. Improves self esteem and confidence. You have more stamina. You are better able to deal with stress. You may even enjoy it.

Activities that improve your strength are:

Free weights. Machines. Pilates (reformer or mat class). Power Yoga


Mind Over Body: The Key To Lasting Weight Loss Is All In Your Head! (Warner Books/Springboard Press)

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