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Wisdom week 5/11-5/23 Purification and Rebirth

Posted: May 11, 2012

Wisdom, Ajmak,Cib. Direction = Yellow/South

The primary function of this day sign, which is ruled by the southern direction, is to be a cleanser and purifier of itself and of the world. This cleansing ability that Wisdom has is necessary as part of the cycle of rebirth. Both themes, death and rebirth, are very strong within the Wisdom psyche. Wisdom, or as some Maya call this sign, Vulture, frees the world of decay. This allows new growth to come into the world. Wisdom is concerned with material cleansing and therefore is concerned with cleansing the body physically and emotionally. Many times Wisdom people go into health fields to help others cleanse body and spirit.

Many Wisdom, such as the famous Wisdom Robert Redford, fight to cleanse and purify the environment. He campaigns against all the pollutants and closed mindedness that have brought decay to our blessed Mother Earth. Their connection to this necessary aspect of life on the earth plane causes Wisdom people to be a bit on the serious side.

Another aspect of the focus on purification that is part of the Wisdom persona is that they are able to release the Karma or debts of past actions. Wisdom people often take on the problems of others and help them to solve these problems. This happens because the Wisdom person is very psychic. They feel the problems of others. Their basic nature is to be outspoken, so it is natural for them to want to help others by expressing their intuitive insights. Many times the Wisdom people become victims when they try to be of service. Those born under Wisdom are, deep down, solemn. Even though many have a great sense of humor, their comic relief usually has a touch of sarcasm and cynicism.

They are very pragmatic and usually have to work hard in life to achieve what may come easy to others. They are persistent and even though rising to the top may take a lot of work, Wisdom people are able to achieve a lot of their goals. Wisdom people can be very successful and status conscious. Their high standards and natural skills as managers and administrators enable them to rise to the top of any pecking order. When they get to the top, they may be a bit dominating. This is because they worked hard to get to the top and want to keep their structure in order. They also can be a bit vain and take a lot of pride in their accomplishments. They do have good taste and enjoy the finer things in life when they are able to obtain them. They make good advisors, and they naturally like to help people be successful.

Wisdom people often feel that they are carrying the burdens of the world on their backs. You will feel an underlying sadness about Wisdom people, even when they are having fun. These people have to be careful of not falling into the victim role or allow them to be used. Forgiveness is one of their greater qualities, so even if they are used and abused, they do not hold a grudge for long.

Wisdom people are usually healthy and can enjoy their old age. They can be stern parents, but they will do anything for their family and friends. Wisdom needs to realize that they can be judgmental and critical, so they need to temper this when dealing with family and close friends. The part of the body that is associated with Wisdom is the ear. A Wisdom person is a great friend that will listen to all your problems and even try to help you solve some of them.

inheritance or some unexpected bills. You may suddenly find out about some long held family secrets that may bring a lot of understanding to all concerned.

If you found a hidden mess or predicament during the last Mayan week, you will have the fortitude to clean it up or release it this week. The day sign Wisdom is able to clear or purify any unpleasant or limiting situations in your life. It is also a good time to think about forgiveness and releasing any unnecessary emotions and thoughts from your energy field.

The south day signs will see this week as an opportunity to do some physical cleansing and clearing .Fasting, sound healing or other activities that clear out the energy fields of the body will be helpful for the yellow day signs. The north day signs, which are in the challenge mode this week, may want to purge their system of negative or unproductive thoughts and ideas. It is a challenge week for you, so this may happen whether you are seeking it or not. The unexpected need for purification may come upon the east day signs as well. This is your surprise week. It is a good time to release projects that are not finished and never will be. Handling these situations during this week can free your energy up for more creative and financially lucrative situations for the week to come when new projects will prosper. The west day signs will have an easier time of releasing what no longer serves them. They may even get help from loving friends and family with these issues this week.


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