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Why Must It Be All or Nothing?

Posted: August 23, 2010

I just saw a special on Showtime, staring former Saturday Night Live performer Julia Sweeney called, Letting Go of God. She brilliantly executed the nearly two-hour one-woman show. Her revelations were thoughtful, intelligent, humorous, and deeply moving. Unless, of course, it was merely a skit or routine. Nevertheless, I found myself clapping while sitting alone watching it.

As a former Roman Catholic turned Atheist, Ms. Sweeney generously shares her personal journey in touching moments as tears well in her eyes, showing the breadth of her talent. She reveals how she came to think for herself as she read scientific material, countering her dogmatic upbringing. Ms. Sweeney discusses experiences that we perceive to be real are only neurons firing. She is as convincing as the scientific journals she explains.

With respect, the choice is between a god creating everything or oblivion? Wow! That limits our choices in a vast and intricate Universe.

Yet, for those of us who have experienced what scientists claim to the contrary they know as facts from clinical studies, we know intimately that they are not fanciful hallucinations. Does an afterlife mandate that only one guy is running the joint? I discussed this in earlier blogs, so no need exists to explore that again. Other than to say, only the will to survive need be present for cells and matter to adapt to our wishes just as lowly bacteria changes form to survive. Can this form an afterlife dimension in the same way that this more physical planet formed over aeons? Is a more rarified dimension less real than a denser one?

Skeptics might persuade those of us who have prophetic dreams that nothing but oblivion exists if we never had them. Also, those of us who have had genuine out-of-body experiences (OBE) as opposed to, merely dreaming, know something else exists than this physical plane. Especially when those we have visited in our 'dream world,' know that we shared an experience. Can both of us be hallucinating about the same event? I am sure some scientists will find a way to account 'logically' for even shared OBEs. Nonetheless, even dreams can fall into dogma when explored through a restrictive prism of what spicy foods we ate for dinner, categorizing circumstances into narrow niches.

Occultist Oliver Fox wrote short stories and poetry under the pseudonym of Hugh George Callaway (30 November 1885-28 April 1949). History, however, remembers him for his book Astral Projection: A Record of Research. It records his lucid dreams and out-of-the-body experiences, and how he went about journeying out of his body.

Robert Allan Monroe (October 30, 1915-March 17, 1995) was an advertising executive from Virginia. He became known for his research into altered consciousness. Because of his first book in 1971 Journeys Out of the Body, he gets credit for coining the term 'out-of-body experience.' In 1978 Monroe founded The Monroe Institute, which still carries on his work.

Whether it was his second book (1985) Far Journeys or his third one (1994) Ultimate Journey that was the scary one, I cannot recall. From his OBE, he described some god like figure feeding on our love, calling it 'losh.' Many feel this might have discredited Monroe, making his OBE's from the realm of his subconscious and not genuine experiences. It was creepy. One can only hope he got things a bit confused.

Is the research of these two men and others less credible than some doubting scientists, who can only accept this physical world as reality? Not to mention, are they less credible than biblical stories that many accept as fact rather than allegories? It seems credibility is due when others have experienced first hand, what these men explored in their scientific manner.

My problem came after reading those books. I thought I was astral traveling the wrong way, instantly shooting through space and time when wanting to explore a subject or visit someone. I thought that I needed to step slowly away from my body and look back at it. So, I tried consciously to look back at my body while flying through the hallway. I once managed to look back, however, it was much like the G-force (gravitational) pulling on my neck for me to look back. Finally able to push through the acceleration and turn my head forward, I accidently hurled through an upstairs neighbor's apartment. Embarrassed about intruding, I shut my eyes. Becoming disoriented, I tumbled to earth. When I woke up, I had the equivalent of a whiplash in my neck from my ethereal adventure. My ethereal body affected my physical one. I once did get assistance to slow myself. A person came to me while I was still conscious and took my hand, she slowed me to keep me from shooting through space so fast. What I saw was interesting.

Doubters might persuade me to think this was all mental if I did not have in my possession an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). I have no idea how those who made it did so, only that I had no hand in it. I did not turn on the recorder that was sitting beneath about a foot and a half of sheet music. If it were an elaborate hoax, someone or some persons would have to know where the recorder was, and break in when I was gone. I did not leave the recorder turned on to pick up television noise or my phone conversations. It was beneath sheet music for over a year. The battery would have died if it were left on. It was completely functional. Those who made the recording did so in different speeds and passed over, rather than erasing, something I had put on the tape prior wise. Why did they skip over my really bad poetry? Probably because someone was making commentary in the background that I can only determine was a bad review because of the mocking laughter. It was bad. I do better typing than dictating.

Scientific dogma might persuade me, if I did not have photographs in my possession. 'Someone' took them on my 35-mm automatic camera, making it unable to cause double-exposure. I did sit it in various places to have it available to take cute cat pictures, but I did not press the button. The lens was closed, making it impossible to press the button accidentally. 'Someone' took photos from an odd position on a cabinet where I would have to contort myself to snap pictures that I did not even know were there.

What or who did this? Can I say for sure, it was from those who passed from this world to another dimension or afterlife? No. I cannot. What or who might have done this? For starters, I did not. Nor do I have friends with access. No one I know would play such a game.

Perhaps, ET's are playing with us to make us think an afterlife exists so we will not destroy this planet. Perhaps, soldiers who go into another dimension because the Pentagon may not have stopped experimenting after the failed 1943 Philadelphia Experiment gave them the ability or knowledge to travel dimensionally. That, however, raises questions as otherworldly encounters were recounted long before such technology.

An in-between arena exists for those averse to rigidity of either point-of-view. So, is it possible that Fluffy and Spot, or for that matter Mom and Dad are running in the yard or looking over our shoulders after passing on? It is possible. The idea, however, may be unsettling if Mom and Dad are nosy. Should the possibility of another existence to this one determine our lives? Is it good if it gives us incentive to live the best life possible to strengthen our Life Force? It sounds reasonable.

... stay tuned ...

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