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When Gods Break Promises . . .

Posted: August 17, 2011

. . . Shouldn't we throw them out?

Yet 'he' says, 'I will always be your God. So, no matter what I do to you, you must accept it with good grace.' Isn't this the creed that most religious believers live by? Because well, 'he' knows best. Don't those who live by such tenets prove they are better than their gods who caused the damage and expect or accept no blame? If it isn't clear what the aggrieved should do, perhaps some analogies will make it more so.

Acting like demigods, members of Congress and the Executive Branch put themselves in charge of the rest. They do the same thing that gods do. Isn't it the same as Congress saying, 'People are going to have to get used to the fact that we made promises we aren't going to be able to keep?' Just as when politicians send young men and women to wars, and when they return broken, Congress and the Executive Branch cut funding to repair them? Oops! Be stoic. Live with no faces or limbs or minds.

Or, when Congress steals from the separate Social Security trust fund for pet projects, never putting it back. Then they want to end the program so no one will notice that they were nothing more than common thieves. Do they care about the tens of millions of lives they will destroy? Some do. Some don't. They do, however, care about retaining power. Not wanting to lose votes they prefer destroying lives incrementally, so it's less noticeable.

It's like the frog in the pot of water. Does the frog sit in the water as it boils gradually, or does it get dropped into hot boiling water? Will the frog remain to get cooked or jump out of the pot?

What about men holding themselves up as virtuous, but who vehemently and viciously use the 'n' and 'c' words when referring to human beings? Oddly, they expect to continue getting respect. What century are they still living in?

We have evolved from the self-centered, autocratic, demanding days of kings who wanted absolute power over citizens, so they could steal their money and live lavishly. Well, some countries have, anyway.

The point is, mostly, we have evolved from being under the thumbs of bullies. We've found our uniqueness, our personal sovereignty. If we have evolved our societies, shouldn't we have more evolved gods? Why would we ever accept gods lesser in character than our own? Would women now accept husbands who dominate and subjugate them? NO! Well, some women still do, who have not learned the joys of independence and mutual respect.

Maybe because with freedom comes responsibility. That can be scary.

Countries no longer chop off hands or incarcerate citizens for life simply for stealing a loaf of bread so a family can eat to survive. Well, some countries do. Ours does not. However, no guarantees exist that we will remain such a country. Especially, when younger generations take the reins to reign over the rest of us, having no respect or comprehension of what it took to emerge from the brutal Dark Ages.

If we insist on having gods reign over us, shouldn't we concoct ones reflecting our evolvement, not neanderthals of yesteryear, no matter what so-called sacred documents declare? Wasn't the point of calling them sacred to make people scared enough to remain compliant to those taking charge?

... stay tuned ...

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