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What's Up With That?

Posted: September 28, 2009

I was walking out of the health club after a great workout, feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. While walking towards my car, I noticed two ladies headed for the entrance and while walking they each lighted up a cigarette; they were wearing gym clothes and were going to workout. You are probably thinking that this does not make much sense, trying to get in shape but at the same time, killing yourself. This is not a strange thing to me. I have seen it so many times, especially in Europe.

You see those ladies are thinking that they are trying to be healthier by going to the gym, they read somewhere that it's a good thing to exercise, or someone told them they needed to or maybe their doctor prescribed it. But did anyone explain to them that in order to get in shape and be healthy they actually need to do something about their belief system, about their current lifestyle, their current environment and so on? Have you heard of the gentleman who after getting a triple bypass surgery started to smoke immediately after getting discharged from the hospital? Or the lady who wanted to lose weight but had a burger and fries after each session with her personal trainer?

Well it's nothing out of the ordinary to me; I have been coaching thousands of clients for over twenty years and the answer to behavioral change resides somewhere else than any data you have been given. It resides within your heart and if you really want to change you must learn to listen to it. No fitness program, not diet book, no exercise video will work if you refuse to check-in with your heart. Behind a desire lies a goal, behind that goal lies a purpose, behind that purpose you'll find the reason for LIFE itself!

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All Blog Entries
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