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What is a true friend?

Posted: February 11, 2011

First off there are many levels of friendship and the word 'friend' is sometimes used very lightly. I believe a true friend is very rare. True friendship means 100% trust in each other, knowing that they would do anything for each other, even if it would mean giving up one's life for each other. True friends can share EVERYTHING, good or bad; being a real friend means speaking the truth, even if it hurts. True friends will make time for each other when the other is in need of their company. They are likely to be interested in all aspects of each other's life's and will not desert each other for other people. A true friend is someone who would stop their own life to come to help despite the fact that there was no incentive or even risk or pain for them to do so. A true friend knows everything about you and still loves you, if not more so. That is true friendship to me and it ranks at the same level with true love which is as powerful as true friendship and the two combined create the ultimate in human relationships. `SSP

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