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Weekly Astrology forecast- week of 8/3-8/10

Posted: August 2, 2015

***all times are PDT***

monday august 3rd-
the first aspect of the day and week has been building for a while now. at 3:36am jupiter in leo squares a just turned direct saturn in scorpio (he stationed on 8/1), bringing tension and friction between the planet of expansion, abundance and excess and the planet of limitation, depression and mastery. this push/pull energy requires that we make tough decisions in our lives about where to grow, where to prune, where to push forward and where to retreat or let go. we are challenged to find balance between going for it and having faith (jupiter) and being practical and willing to work for what we desire (saturn). being able to hold one foot in both worlds: expansion and contraction, luck and hard work, positivity and reality- is key! over the next 6 weeks jupiter will trigger the saturn/neptune square- so stay open and discerning in your life, particularly when it comes to your beliefs, dreams and your ideas about what is True. there's much up for us to navigate around Truth and untruth- both collectively and individually over the next couple of months. jupiter will square saturn two more times next year, although those squares will be in virgo and sadge- while the one right now is in leo and scorpio. with this being the only fixed square- there's a need to get really clear about stuck, stagnant patterns in our lives that we justify sticking with because of our unhealthy relationship with ego (jupiter in leo) or we justify by avoiding dealing with the shadow (saturn in scorpio). the next two squares occur on march 23rd 2016 and may 26 2016. this one is particularly potent though because saturn just stationed (came to a standstill in the sky) and jupiter is in the last degree of leo, set to move into virgo in one week. there's a karmic completion energy playing out right now- there's just no getting around it. if we are willing to do the work- we can be taken through a portal right now that will dramatically shift the frequency of our life. it's up to each of us though- so pay attention to your path and what you need to do and allow other's to make their choices that appropriate for where they are at on their path.

retrograde uranus in aries parallels juno in virgo at 7:41am, energetically aligning the rebel, revolution and Great Awakener with the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage, commitment and contractual arrangements. we are already in a whopper of a venus transit- and a couple of weeks ago neptune opposed juno by super aspect (degree and declination). to say that relationships or our ideas about relationships are undergoing significant dissolution, coagulation and reformation (i.e. change) is an understatement. uranus/juno brings in an element of the unexpected. this could be pleasant surprises or connections or it could be sudden shifts and change that are not all that comfortable. whatever it is- uranus is seeking to bring new life OR break us free from the past. staying open to change and being proactive about it is highly recommended.

retrograde ceres backtracks into capricorn at 4:14pm, shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from air to earth, mind to body, freedom-focus to security-focus. ceres first entered capricorn at the start of this year (january 8th 2015) and then she sped into aquarius on april 3rd. on june 2nd she stationed retrograde in aquarius but today she goes back into capricorn to cover territory she journeyed through the first 3 months of this year. she will station direct on september 14th but will not leave capricorn until october 27th- just after we move out of the venus retrograde shadow. ceres in capricorn is focused on the material world. she is loyal, traditional, present and enduring. nurturing and care taking are focused on providing stability, security and commitment to self and others. we just need to be aware of the shadow side expression of ceres in capricorn: stonewalling emotions, being resistant to change, over focusing on material security at the expense of other things and holding onto situations/things of the past that no longer serve our growth or evolution.

tuesday august 4th-
retrograde venus cojoins jupiter in the last degrees of leo at 2:47am, aligning the planet of Love and beauty with the planet of expansion, abundance and growth! this super auspicious alignment is a long term one due to venus' retrograde. venus, the lesser Benefic, and jupiter the Greater Benefic cojoin a total of 3 times between june and october. major new cycles can be seeded in our lives right now that are focused on Love, abundance, beauty, connection and inspiration. with both bodies in leo there is also a focus on creativity, pleasure, children, romance and FUN! venus/jupiter is amazing but we must remember that jupiter is square to saturn- so not only do we have venus/jupiter 3 times we also have venus square saturn 3 times. there's a decidedly expansive, healing energy possible right now but there's also an intensity, reality and need to deal with the shadow and shit that is demanded of us by saturn in scorpio. the negative side of so much fire energy with out saturn containing or reigning things in can be hubris. yes we are Divine and we are also mortal, yes we are amazing but we are also flawed. 'wisdom tells me i am nothing, Love tells me i am everything. between the two my life flows.' (loosely quoted from Nisargadatta Maharaj). straddling this razors edge between wisdom and Love, holding on and letting go, luck and hard work is key right now.

wednesday august 5th-
at 8:08am retrograde venus in leo squares recently turned direct saturn in scorpio, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love, beauty, value and worth and the task master planet of karma, restriction, lessons and mastery. venus/saturn can help us, or force us, to get real in relationships and financial situations right now. with saturn in scorpio seeing and owning the shadow is key- so no spiritual bypassing is going to be tolerated! with the karmic 29th degree featured- there can be big things up in Love and money situations that require completion and/or finally learning the lesson before we can move on. we need to be aware of where our desire nature is running us in negative ways as well. leo wants to feel special and scorpio wants all it's needs satiated. put the two together and things can get out of hand- so saturn can come in to set limits that we don't necessarily like but which we actually need so we can grow up and deal with Love and money from a more mature place right now. because of venus' retrograde journey she squares saturn a total of 3 times- the first was on july 13th and the last will be on october 10th. this is a long term theme/lesson right now- the only way out is through!

at 1:43pm retrograde pluto in capricorn trines juno in virgo, harmoniously aligning the planet of transformation, death and rebirth with the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and contractual arrangement. pluto/juno is great for healing and/or deepening intimate connections or business relationships with others. with both bodies in earth signs- abundance and material success is possible. two weeks ago neptune brought a sense of dissolution, confusion, illusion or deception around relationships (past, present or just our understanding of what we need)- yet this week pluto is helping us to anchor more deeply into what is still there and True so that we can have something to build on in the future (with or without the people in our lives that may be coming or going in the karmic cycles that are completing right now).

the last aspect of the day is exact at 6:24pm when retrograde venus in leo semisextiles mars in cancer, sweetly aligning the Divine Lovers in harmonious ways. venus is the creative, receptive principle while mars is the active, containing principle- and when you put the two together you can take inspiration, creativity and Love and do something practical and tangible with them. this is a very fertile combination! yet venus is in a solar/masculine sign and mars is in a lunar/feminine sign- so there's something of a role reversal here. finding balance between our own inner masculine and feminine is the deepest focus of this alignment. you can never find without what you do not seek and find within.

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thursday august 6th-
at 12:30am the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn, bringing tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. sun/pluto can be great for transformation, purging, releasing, and moving through symbolic death/endings so we can be reborn. yet the tense aspect can bring up power/control dynamics or self-sabotage issues that are coming from the ego, not from the Higher Self or Higher Will (which pluto is a representation of the latter). pluto in capricorn seeks to destroy structures that are invalid, toxic, old paradigm- while the sun in leo can at times try to retain structures that specifically support the ego in thinking it is right and has everything figured out. being willing to look at our own shadow and shit is key right now. and then being willing to do something about it is the next step!

mars in cancer trines saturn in scorpio at 1:29am, harmoniously aligning the will, warrior and drive with the task master planet of mastery, karma, lessons and pruning. mars/saturn is great harnessing our will and drive so that we can take action from an empowered, but evenly tempered place. when we are aware of the future consequences or rewards of actions we take in the present moment and then we act from this place of wisdom and prescience- we are accessing the best use of mars/saturn energy. this is a great aspect for discipline, long term awareness and focus, having patience and being able to see something through. slow and easy wins the race (so think tortoise, not hare).

mercury cojoins retrograde venus in leo at 7:25am, aligning the mind and the heart in illuminating and insightful ways. this is a lovely aspect for communicating our thoughts and feelings with others. since venus is retrograde we may be just communicating them honestly to ourselves or to close friends in our inner circle- yet this can pave the way for being able to share more widely with others in the months to come as venus navigates her underworld journey. this is a great aspect for work towards harmony, compromise, peace and understanding- within and without!

at 8:08am the sun in leo semisextiles juno in virgo, aligning the conscious self and ego with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. sun/juno is great for getting clear on our needs and sharing them with others- romantically, business wise and financially. pluto trined juno yesterday and the sun has triggered both today- so we can also find ourselves being shown where relationships in our lives (or attitudes we have towards relationship) need to evolve, heal, transform or die altogether so that something new within ourselves can be reborn.

then at 1:19pm mercury in leo squares saturn in scorpio, creating a tense aspect between the mind and the planet of responsibility. today mercury has been triggering the jupiter/saturn square (exact earlier this week on monday). mercury/venus is sweet and loving, but mercury/saturn can be heavy, depressing and limiting. serious conversations of the heart- about Love ,money, value or self-worth- can be present today. talks with ourselves or with others about where we need to let go or where we need to hold on- or where we are doing one or the other in excess- can be the focus.

the last aspect of the day is exact at 7:59pm when mercury in leo semisextiles mars in cancer, aligning the mind and the will in dynamic, direct ways. clearly communication, thoughts and mental processes are in focus today. mercury/mars helps us to formulate our ideas and the words we need to say so that we can share them freely. being responsible about what is being said is key- but being honest and forthright is also necessary. and before you think this has to be about you telling someone else something- take time to search within and see where you need to honestly tell yourself something first ;)

friday august 7th-
at 12:08am mercury conjoins jupiter at the very last degree of leo (29'06 leo), making the last personal planetary conjunction with jupiter before he moves into his new home sign of virgo next week. mercury is the mind and jupiter is the planet of expansion- so these two put together are great for learning, teaching, writing, speaking, traveling and opening the mind. important news could be shared today- personally or collectively. final insights into what jupiter in leo's transit has been about for us personally can also come in. jupiter in leo has given us opportunities to create, connect to our passion, heal around self-esteem and 3rd chakra issues, step into our role as a leader or teacher, connect with/heal our inner child, as well as birth children or new ideas and creative projects. pay attention to these last days of jupiter's journey through leo and give thanks for all he has gifted you with this past year!

at 10:59am mars at the very last degree of cancer semisextiles jupiter at the very last degree of leo, aligning the will warrior and drive with the planet of expansion, abundance, growth and opportunity. this week we have a square between jupiter and saturn but all week long mars in cancer harmoniously links up with both of them- bringing us access to the jupiter/saturn square in positive, action oriented ways. mars/saturn earlier in the week provided long term awareness, grounding, discipline and awareness of personal responsibility. mars/jupiter today can give us the confidence and courage to take the actions we need to take to grow or prune things in our lives.

mars at 29 cancer opposes retrograde ceres in capricorn at 11:44am and then at 12:31pm jupiter at 29 leo quincunxes retrograde ceres as well. mars/ceres can bring up anger and aggression over our perceived needs for safety and security that are not being met. mars in cancer can bring up lots of emotions from early childhood that need to be processed in order to be released. the positive action of mars/jupiter needs to be balanced with awareness of structure, limits and commitments or agreements we have in our lives. if we don't navigate this energy with awareness we could find ourselves destroying the very things that matter the most to us.

mercury moves out of leo and into virgo at 12:15pm, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, spirit to body, masculine to feminine. mercury rules virgo so he is very happy in this sign. over the coming weeks of mercury's journey through this sign we are supported in being organized, discerning, analytic and critical. we can have gifts when it comes to writing, teaching and seeing how all the pieces fit together. we just need to be aware that mercury in virgo can be overly heady and analysis can turn into paralysis and can also become judgement and criticism of self and other. finding balance between the body and mind, thoughts and feelings is key.

saturday august 8th-
the only major aspect today occurs at 4:32pm when mars moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the conscious will and drive from water to fire, yin to yang. mars in cancer was not the happiest placement as typically the warrior wants to be direct and take action and at times mars in cancer moves more like a crab from side to side. mars in leo is a great placement for taking action from our passions, creativity, and gifts of leadership. we just need to watch out for acting from ego as mars in leo can be overly focused on the self and on personal gratification (so temper those burning fires of desire so they can fire you up without burning the house down!).

sunday august 9th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 9:02am when mercury in virgo semisextiles the north node in libra, bringing important insights, ideas, information or communications from others that can be revealing about your individual path of growth, destiny and evolution. with mercury in service-oriented virgo and the north node in relationship-focused libra- service and interconnection with others are on the radar today!

the last aspect of the day and week is exact at 8:14pm when saturn in scorpio sextiles mean black moon lilith in virgo, aligning the planet of mastery and karma with the fierce Dark Feminine. saturn is in his last degree and so is BML as she will move into libra in late august. with the master planet in the dark sign of scorpio linking up with the Dark Goddess- there can be some amazing openings occurring right now in regards to understanding, integrating and healing splits we have within our psyche. saturn is disciplined and responsible and we when we can come at our Dark Goddess gifts of magic, intuition, empowerment and seeing the shadow from this grounded place- we can fully anchor a new foundation within ourselves upon which we can build into the future.

have a lovely week ahead…

~divine harmony

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