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Weekly astrology forecast- week of 8/10-8/16

Posted: August 9, 2015

***all times are PDT***

monday august 10th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in airy, cerebral, sociable gemini at the start of the day and in the early morning hours luna moves into her home sign of cancer. in the afternoon and evening hours the moon in cancer harmoniously links up with mercury and neptune, helping us to align our thoughts, feelings and intuitions in ways that deep our understanding of ourselves and others. on wednesday mercury will opposite neptune by super aspect- so pay attention to your feelings and intuitions today as they can give you insight into something that may feel confusing and hard to discern or understand come wednesday.

tuesday august 11th-
jupiter moves out of leo and into virgo at 4:11am, shifting the planet of growth, opportunity and abundance from fiery, passionate, creative, self-focused leo to earthy, grounded, practical and service-oriented virgo. the coming year of jupiter's transit through virgo brings gifts and opportunities when it comes to health, healing, mind/body awareness, organization, efficiency and finding work that feeds our Souls (or furthering work that feeds our Souls). we just need to watch out for the tendency to get excessively perfectionist, critical, judgmental and/or neurotic (the shadow sides of virgo!). as jupiter moves out of 29 leo and into the 1st degree of virgo we have the Greater Benefic activating the royal fixed star regulus. the precession of this star from leo to virgo occurred in 2012 but it will take 2000 years for regulus' complete journey through virgo. this heralds a major shift in power and leadership (what this star symbolizes) moving away from ego and patriarchal dominance (the shadow expression of leo) and into the hands of those who serve the earth, want to be of service and who are mouthpieces for the Divine Feminine. with both venus and jupiter, the lesser and Greater Benefics, activating regulus this summer- there is a huge call to step fully into the paradigm shift that is already here and set into motion a changing of the guard (personally and collectively). for more information on regulus into virgo read the blog linked here-

at 11:18pm saturn in scorpio sextiles retrograde ceres in capricorn, aligning the Great Father planet with the Great Mother asteroid. ceres is in saturn's sign so there is a strong focus right now on grounding, commitment, seeing things through, responsibility, integrity and hard work. dealing with our responsibilities to ourselves and others from a place of mastery and personal responsibility is recommended right now.

wednesday august 12th-
we are in the dark of the moon the next two days- which is a time to release, renew, retreat and turn within. the next two days is also the peak of the perseid meteor showers and having this occur on a dark moon can make this show more spectacular than usual! on a clear night in a city or town with little light or toxic pollution (in the northern hemisphere) you can see 50+ shooting stars per hour tonight and tomorrow night. it's a magical site! don't miss it! for more info check this link-

mercury in virgo opposes retrograde neptune in pisces at 6:11pm and mercury contraparallels neptune at 6:23pm, creating a super aspect of oppositional energy between the linear, logical, discerning mind and the planet of dissolution, confusion, illusion, intuition and otherworldliness. mercury/neptune can be great for creativity, idealism, dreams, channelling or Divine Inspiration. yet the opposition can create a polarity between reality/practicality and the desire to see what we want to see (or avoid seeing what we don't want to see). as a result it's easier to deceive or delude ourselves or others- and there can be a tendency to be in denial. discernment is key. make best use of this energy by taking time for meditation, contemplation and introspection for best results.

thursday august 13th-
we are in the dark of the moon- the last day of the lunar cycle which is a time to wrap things up, release the past and clear the slate for a new lunar cycle that will commence tomorrow! honor the dark moon with time for retreat, reflection, meditation and introspection today.

the sun in leo trines retrograde uranus in aries at 3:27am, creating a harmonious link between the conscious self and ego and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. sun/uranus is great energy to access for breaking free, liberation, embracing positive change and allowing the ego self to be in service to the Higher Self/Higher Mind that understands the Greater Picture at play in our lives right now. inventions, innovations, insights and bolt out of the blue awarenesses that bring illumination or revelation to stuck places in our lives are possible today. with fire signs involved- we are supported in aligning with our passions, taking conscious action and becoming the change we wish to see in the world! the sun triggers the uranus/chiron semisextile (which is a long term transit from 2009-2021 and will be exact next week on the19th)- bringing major opportunities to see our wounds, pain and stuckness from a Higher Perspective which can lead us to the shift, change and healing that we truly seek.

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the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde chiron in pisces at 6:54am, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. the sun in leo wants to be strong, confident and sure of the self- but a tense aspect from chiron brings up all our wounds and pain to the surface. we can tend to respond to this in one of two ways (although there is a 3rd way- which i will get to). first, we wallow in our woundeness and feel like a victim- giving away our power or playing the martyr (oh why me?). on the other hand, we can use chiron's wounding energy to build our defenses and the sun's light in leo can block out any desire to self-reflect and see our part in the dramas playing out in our lives or in the wounds we have sustained (or the wounding we have done to others). either way- denial and avoidance results and we end up keeping on playing out the same old patterns in a vicious karmic cycle that only we can choose to stop when/if we are ready. the 3rd way comes in when we don't run away from our pain, wounds and self-reflection but we also do not run into them in a way that keeps us trapped in our story. the 3rd way comes in when we can go down and in and own our shadow and shit and really feel all the pain, suffering, grief, anger, rage and more until we are able to move through it and beyond it. the key here is that we cannot transcend what we have not fully moved through. so chiron in pisces takes us down and in- while uranus in aries helps us rise back up again once we have done the deep inner work. if we only listen to chiron we can stay stuck in the wound or in denial/avoidance. if we only listen to uranus we are trying to rise up and out before we have really gone down and in (which is effectively spiritual bypassing). so the challenge today is to sit with it all- with out grasping and without clutching but also without throwing something away, ignoring or denying it. opportunities to heal some major karmic patterns are present right now- but it's up to each of us to step up and do the work our Soul is longing for. focus on yourself and your own path right now- and let other's navigate their own as well. we are all doing the best that we can UNTIL we are ready, willing and able to do better. the choice is yours!

the last aspect of the day is exact at 9:21am when mars in leo sextiles the north node and trines the south node, creating a harmonious link up with the north node of destiny and evolution and the south node of karma, the past and what we need to release our hold on. with mars sweetly linking up with both nodes- we have major opportunities today to see and own our past so that we can make peace with it, release it's hold on us and move on so we can grow into new uncharted territory. because mars rules the south node, we are challenged to use our will, drive, anger or desire nature in conscious ways- rather than reverted to old karmic patterns that do not serve. because the aspect between mars and the south node are harmonious- we are being supported in raising our frequency today. let the Universe know you are ready to do this work by stepping up! today is also the DARK MOON (new moon is tomorrow) which adds to the energy of clearing, release, purging and healing. make the dark moon energies work for you today!

friday august 14th-
the new moon in leo is exact at 7:53am, commencing a new lunar cycle! with the sun and moon conjunct in fiery, passionate leo- the coming lunar cycle definitely has a focus on romance, Love (of self and others), creativity, confidence, leadership and originality. the new moon is conjunct retrograde venus- which can bring some major new chapters in love or money situations that are undergoing review or reevaluation right now. the sun/moon/venus conjunction is trine uranus- so the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener is helping us to wake up to more self-Love, self-value, self-worth and self-esteem. i am not talking about narcissism here (which can be the shadow expression of lots of leo energy). i am taking about healthy self-Love where we know how to care for ourselves as well as others- and we know how to shine as well as appreciate and honor the shining Light of others. the new moon is also square saturn in scorpio though- which brings a heavy energy to this lunar cycle. dealing with and completing karmic patterns that have been with us for lifetimes is the focus right now. karmas in love and relationships, self-worth and self-value, finances and abundance, and more are all up for getting a realistic look at. saturn symbolizes the great pruning shears and scorpio is the sign of emotional, psychological and literal colonics. pruning and releasing what no longer serves is the key right now. but lest you over focus on what you think you need to let go of outside of you- we'd all do well this upcoming lunar cycle to focus on what it is time to let go of WITHIN. since the outer reflects the inner, if you want real change you must address the Source. for more information on this new moon check the lunar insight posted on the astrology blog.

saturday august 15th-
the sun cojoins retrograde venus in leo at 22'39 at 12:22pm- marking the midpoint of the current venus retrograde cycle we are in. all retrograde journeys have their midpoints when the planet is conjunct the sun- and this symbolizes that planet's journey down into the underworld (retrograde) to find a bridge between the Unconscious and the conscious self (sun). sun/venus can coincide with aha moments and major insights about what this venus retrograde cycle is about for you personally. information or realizations coming in around love, money, relationships, self-worth, values and more should all be paid attention to right now. this is called the inferior conjunction of the sun and venus- which coincides with the beginning of a new phase of evaluation or a new course of action taken (loosely quoting erin sullivan) as a result of all that we have realized or experienced (internally as well as externally) during the first 1/2 of venus retrograde (since july 25th but also since june 21st when venus first entered her shadow). pay close attention to what events- inner and outer- occur for you today and see their relationship to what began to brew for you in june and july. something is coming to Light and it has the potential to be life altering!

mercury in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn at 12:55pm, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is a great aspect for research, investigation, depth psychology and diving deep to get to the Truth of matters. our ability to see our own shadow and shit- as well as that of others- can assist us in getting clear on what needs to change within and without. allowing the mind to go deep to get to the root of matters is highly recommended today.

sunday august 16th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in earthy, discerning, practical virgo all day long. the moon cojoins mercury and trines pluto- activating the mercury/pluto trine that was exact yesterday. the deep realizations and communications had yesterday can provide insight into our emotions and feelings today. finding ways to link mind and heart, intellect and emotion in ways that transform our human experience is supported today. since the moon aspects that occur today happen in the early morning hours, pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious!

have a lovely week ahead…

~divine harmony

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