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Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness

Posted: January 17, 2011


The greatest revolution in human history begins March 11th, 2011 with the planet Uranus' entrance into the sign of Aries. This is a pinnacle moment in human history that will come to be known as the Revolution of Consciousness. Unlike revolutions of old, this revolution will be centered in the hearts and minds of the men, women, and children that inhabit the planet Earth. What is about to unfold is nothing less than the most brilliant period of not only our lifetimes, but of all lifetimes - and it starts in just a few short weeks!

Higher Octave Explosion

The first 'shot' of this revolution will be a metaphysical one, fired from a Divinely awakened quantum gateway in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This gateway will unleash powerful, higher-dimensional energy that has never before been felt on Earth. This radical new energy will totally immerse the planet, affecting an instant evolution of consciousness in the spiritually awakened; a quantum leap of the mind that has never before been experienced on Earth.

As we journey closer and closer to the 2012 event horizon, this spectacular cosmic event serves as a crucial step in mankind's ascension and acceptance of the realities of the higher dimensional nature of existence. This galactic gateway that will soon open is comparable to the concept of a 'wormhole' in that it will serve as a channel to higher octave energy sourced from the 8th dimension. The 8th dimension is that of unity consciousness, or simply put, God's consciousness. This energy is the essence behind the events that will soon come to pass. God's unity consciousness will soon begin to flourish in us all.

Becoming Conscious of the Cosmic Community

This new level of consciousness, sourced from God, is of course universal in nature. As such, it will provide the foundation for the acceptance of extraterrestrial life, which brings us to a major aspect of what the upcoming Uranus transit entails: mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life. Humanity will soon become intimately aware that not only does extraterrestrial life exist, but it has been influencing events on Earth for quite some time. This singular aspect of the coming Uranus transit alone is enough to exact an instant, global, paradigm shift, and that is exactly the nature of this transit's energy: instant paradigm shift.

Quantum Leaps in Technology

Mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life will instantly shatter paradigms of the past and create a new way of thinking and feeling in us all. We will no longer accept the artificially-maintained status quo that we have for so long. Exotic new technologies will begin to go public as if a science fiction movie had become reality. Free energy technology will be a major part of this, as well as revolutionary advances in medicine, agriculture, communications, computer sciences, optics, magnetics, and terraforming. This technology will transform the way we live and interact with one another forever.

Unified Humanity Heals Gaia

The coming explosion in technology and innovation will spur levels of humanitarianism the world has never seen. A tremendous global movement to eradicate poverty, uplift the nations, and heal the ecosystems of the world will begin to manifest. Hundreds of millions of passionate, altruistic, like-minded souls will begin to connect, collaborate, and push projects to success that in years past would have never come to fruition. Imagine dormant neurons in a brain, flashing into life and connecting billions of times over until the entire mind is illuminated, totally beaming with light - that is where we are going as a civilization.

The Great Tribulation

I must warn that this astrological movement also signals the beginning of the greatest amount of political and economic turmoil the world has ever known. As a revolutionary spirit inflames the globe, we will experience wide-spread instability, manifesting in a variety of ways. The newly awakened society will begin to revolt in such massive ways that they will absolutely cripple 'the system.' First World nations will be swept with peaceful protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations while Third World nations will erupt with war-like violence. The world over, corrupt government agendas will come to a screeching halt by the will of the people.

Embedded Evil Exposed

Within the first year of this transit as people begin to awaken, it will become understood that negative extraterrestrial elements have been embedded deep in human society and have been playing a destructive role in our evolution as a civilization. This understanding will kindle a united, warrior-like attitude among global citizens that will serve as the most important driving factor in the coming revolution. Make no mistake that the power structure of Earth is currently 'operating from the shadows', but that the time of their authority has expired by Divine Decree and in perfect timing with Cosmic Order.

The Great Sword of Wrath

Intervention has and will continue to happen in strategic, surgical strikes that will ultimately lead to their defeat. This battle will be most intense during the summer months of 2012 as the planet Uranus squares the planet Pluto. By winter of 2012, it will become clear that humanity is free, finally, after thousands of years of manipulations. After December 21st, 2012, as many of the world's most infamous prophecies come to a crossroads, mankind's Golden Age will finally commence.

Personal Revolutions Identified

An aspect of astrology that I find absolutely beautiful is that as events happen on a global or macrocosmic level, they also happen on a personal, microcosmic level - in exact synchronicity. This upcoming Uranus transit is no different, and soon we will all be going through our own personal revolutions, albeit in unique ways, all in accordance with God's Divine Plan for each of us. This is where the Sacred Science of Astrology can enlighten so brilliantly; it can identify the source and the expression of the coming revolutions in our lives, with mind-boggling accuracy.

Astrology Accepted

On a cultural level people will start to openly embrace and seek out the profound wisdom of the Occult Sciences, which are rooted in the higher dimensional nature of existence. People will realize that there is a hidden, perfect order to creation. In times of great change, they will increasingly want to understand, at the deepest levels, exactly what their role is in this perfect symphony that they may navigate through the coming changes and manifest the highest outcomes. The best way to create personal security and abundance during the coming times will be identifying, accepting, and properly expressing one's personal revolutionary energy.

Biblical Level Spiritual Gifts

This personal revolution, which will manifest for many as the development of extraordinary, even Biblical-level spiritual and metaphysical gifts, will be the answer to all our present and future problems. It is up to each of us to totally embrace the shocking changes in order to fulfill our destinies in the coming global revolution. Those who succumb to fear and resist these changes will do so at their own peril. Those who embrace the changes will skyrocket to prominence and success. This can be a very frightening thought to entertain, which brings me to the significance of Uranus being in the sign of Aries, the archetype of the warrior.

Warrior Spirits Awakened

In Astrology, attunement to archetypal energies is an extremely important concept to understand and integrate. In simplistic terms, one must 'vibe' with the virtues of the sign to manifest the greatest outcomes of the transit or placement. With Uranus being in Aries, we can manifest magnificence in our lives by cultivating and expressing bravery, confidence, fearlessness, independence, and novelty in the area of our life (and natal chart) where Aries energy lies. This is a time where a warrior will be born in all of us, though it's up to us to decide what to do with this new energy.

New Celebrities Emerge

As this fiery, Uranian energy blasts through the collective consciousness, the values of people will be changed and elevated in an instant. The lust for the trivial will be transmuted into the yearning for spiritual and metaphysical talents. Materialism will be replaced by spiritualism. The so-called celebrities of today will fade into obscurity as a new breed of celebrities, deriving their power from spiritual development and humanitarian passion will be catapulted into the limelight. These will be the heroes and heroines of the New Age that is being birthed before our eyes.

My Revolutionary Role

After intense personal changes these past few years I have come to understand and accept my role in the coming revolution. As an Intuitive Astrologer that can interpret the language of the Heavens I can relay the most important information to my fellow brothers and sisters that they might align with and benefit from synchronicity with Cosmic Order. My vision for our future is golden and brilliant, and it is my sincere wish to impart this same vision to you all through my writing and my astrologically-based spiritual counsel.

A Divine Promise

As we find ourselves rapidly approaching a quantum explosion in our lives I leave you with these words of wisdom: 'These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.' - Jesus Christ, John 16:33

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Bear96708 - February 19, 2011 05:36 PM MST
Great article, Salvador mentions the metaphysical shift that will arrive as a result of Uranus in Aries. Methinks he also should have included Neptune entering Pisces - a major impact on spirituality and metaphysics to accompany the radical changes happening as a result of Uranus (and Jupiter in Aries also).
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Astrologer Salvador Russo - February 27, 2011 08:02 PM MST
That's my next article... Stay tuned and glad you enjoyed =)
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Angela Artemis - March 11, 2011 10:24 AM MST
This was an excellent article. Uranus entering Aries today made its whereabouts known with a huge earthquake in Japan!

I'm looking forward to your article about Neptune entering Pisces. I hope this will not signal more flooding around the earth!
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Peta_de_Aztlan - March 11, 2011 01:15 PM MST
3/11-2011 ~Thank you for sharing Brother Salvador ~Japan earthquake and tsunami happened yesterday. Lots of released energies in the environment. Thanks you for the genius of your article and allowing the brilliance of the Light of Revolutionary Love shine through your own consciousness for all of us. ~Namaste, @Peta_de_Aztlan
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: wahkeenasitka - March 11, 2011 01:55 PM MST
I find it amazing that you wrote this essay 2 months ago, predicting a revolution of consciousness unleashing on March 11th.. And on March 9th, there was a huge solar flare - see

"After four years without any X-flares, the sun has produced two of the powerful blasts in less than one month: Feb. 15th and March 9th. This continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity, and shows that Solar Cycle 24 is heating up. NOAA forecasters estimate a 5% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours."

And then immediately after the solar flare, there was a huge earthquake in Japan, followed by the Tsunami...

This, coupled with the earthquake in New Zealand, just days after the solar flare on Feb 15th, and the simultaneous shake up in the middle east... It all fits together quite amazingly with your predictions that you wrote almost two months ago... Wow. Well, we will certainly see how the next few years evolve... Super amazing and transformative...
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Milolee - March 11, 2011 09:04 PM MST
Your works come from your connections to your spiritual king. Carry the torch! I want to read more, I am thirsty.
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Astrologer Salvador Russo - March 11, 2011 10:27 PM MST
@Angela: Thank you! Yes, true to the nature of Uranian energy, we were all taken by surprise and things changed in an instant. Uranus does rule over humanitarianism which is exactly what will be spurred from this and coming events. I'm excited to write the Neptune in Pisces article soon! Bless you!

@Peta: You are too kind. Thank you! I will do my best to serve humanity through the gifts and talents God has been so gracious to endow me with.

@wahkeenasitka: Indeed. We have only just begun. This is a seven year transit, one I am most excited to watch unfold!

@Milolee: You are correct. My work is "blessed from above." Much more to come. The next article is in development. I will release a torrent of insights in the very near future. All in perfect timing, as always is the case with Astrology.

Bless you all and thank you for the most generous compliments!
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Patty - March 12, 2011 01:49 AM MST
I am up late tonight because I am so worried about the new developments in Japan, from the twitter feeds/articles it appears a number of their nuclear facilities are in danger.

At this late hour, one of the reactors has had an explosion and the radioactive substance cesium was detected outside of the reactors, indicating a partial meltdown. I am **very** worried for these people.

Uranus rules nuclear energy, right?
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Ninalight - March 12, 2011 04:45 AM MST
Salvador, thank you for your articles. They are always so enlightening. They really give me peace about the future. Some other things I read induce fear. I am specifically thinking of the world map changes that someone sent to me today. You mentioned that God will make sure that we not only have income, but that we are thriving. I am unemployed, so I was wondering what type of reading I would get to answer the questions of income, right livelihood etc.? My spiritual gifts will provide income? Thank you again. My mind is greatly relieved after reading your articles, and that keeps me in a place of joy and harmony. Blessings
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: KalaViv - March 12, 2011 08:20 PM MST
Salvador, my friend sent me your post talking about March 11th, and I"m blown away that on that day-given what you wrote the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan happened. wow. I feel like Astrology can be so general but your pinpointing that day (yesterday) as significant seems pretty amazing! Namaste.
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Healing - March 12, 2011 09:13 PM MST
This is great... However uranus is more about giving the kick... the tone, the quick and swift need to act... Neptune in Pisces ( April 2011) will give the connection to the soul, the search for healing, occult sciences and all the connected with higher beings.. URanus is fast action - Neptune is deep deep connection...
RE: Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness
By: Natasha - March 30, 2011 12:52 PM MST
Thank you so much for this!

I sent it to friends and I found it just remarkable.

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