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Ultra deep field

Posted: August 21, 2009

Here are the latest up close and personal views of our universe. Definitely worth the time to look at.


Hubble Deep Field Zoom

Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

I first saw this image right after it came out a few years ago and even used it as my desktop background for a while.

During this time, I had to do a big strategy presentation to all the senior management at the $1.5B corporate giant that had just acquired my tiny Internet firm. As usual, my computer was connected to a large projection screen, inadvertently displaying this beautiful image for all to ponder in silence. As I was looking for the Powerpoint to run, the CEO asked me about the background. I stopped what I was doing and proceeded to tell the group that we were looking at the Hubble deep field image. I explained that this was a field of nothing but galaxies at the furthest reaches of the universe. I then said:

'I made this my background so that when things got really stressful and frustrating, I could just gaze into it and say to myself: It just doesn't matter.'

With this the room erupted into uproarious laughter. I then proceeded with my Powerpoint presentation, quickly blocking out the view of some three thousand galaxies.

Here is another nice picture of the Orion Nebula:

Orion Nebula

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RE: Ultra deep field
By: gtarrant - September 16, 2009 03:16 PM MST
Great story. Good moral lesson on overall insignificance in the universe. Humility at it's finest. The thing I find interesting is the imagery that looks so much like the nuclei of cells. The imagery that looks very much like the foundation of atomic bonds. if you were to look at constellations and compare the chemical bond imagery we use like say for the model of H20. You would envision a trinary star system where one star is more dense in sharing it's power with a larger binary group in it's surrounding orbitry. Look at the Sirius constellation. The Dogon tribe account of the visitors from the Sirius system. You might find that the fractal nature of our universe is very easy to see how and why things are. irony being that all life on our planet tends to be based upon carbon compounds and well.. our solar system tends to model a carbon compound. Food for thought.
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