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Two Sides of Same Coin: Spiritual Growth & Meditation

Posted: January 15, 2011

Meditation is the most valuable tool I've found for spiritual development.

Reading books is great, as is joining groups of like minded individuals, but when it comes to actually making consistent progress with our spiritual growth only a daily practice of meditation will expand your consciousness.

Awakening and changing is a slow process that takes place gradually.

Meditating daily is a bit like the process of water flowing over rocks in a stream; eventually with enough time you'll see that the water has reshaped the stream and smoothed out all the jagged edges in the rocks.

Making meditation a daily habit

It takes commitment and a deep desire to stay the course until the beginnings of that reshaping becomes apparent. And of course - you're never done either just like the water flowing in that stream is never finished reshaping it or the rocks it flows over.

Here's a list of why meditation is so important for spiritual growth:

1. Learning to stop the constant thinking of our minds gives our brains' a much needed rest. When we stop the perpetual mind-traffic divine guidance can actually get through. This state of thoughtless awareness allows us recognize the presence of the observer - who is our true self, higher self or soul.

2. Perceiving our lives through the consciousness of the observer gives us the detachment we need to see how the ego-self contributes to the difficulties we may be facing in our relationships, career and other areas of our lives. The observer is purely consciousness without judgment.

3. Meditation brings our emotions into balance which is the state of being centered. When we're centered we let go of extremes; highs and lows of emotion that pull us into the future or past. We return to a natural calm state of being.

4. When we're centered we live in the present with acceptance of what is happening in our lives. We stop assigning a negative or positive meaning to what we may be encountering and therefore are less likely to be pulled into dramas (both yours and other people's) regarding these events.

5. The process of meditating will help you to remember your dreams. Many times answers and guidance are delivered through dreams. Sometimes I have only a snippet of a dream that I know was important when I wake, but if I meditate right away I can usually recall the entire dream.

6. Daily practice of meditation heightens intuitive ability. The more often you receive intuitive insight the more you will be in tune with your higher self and true purpose. Your life will flow more easily and opportunities to act upon your purpose will present themselves more frequently.

One of the unexpected benefits I've seen from my many years of dedication to meditation has been the heightening of my intuition and clairvoyance. I believe this is important simply because this is the language that Spirit/Universe uses to speak to us.

Knowing that I am always connected and guided by Spirit helps me deal with the challenges that surface in everyday living. I find that my life flows more easily now and that problems that would have lingered in the past now clear up so much more quickly.

Do you meditate? How has it changed your life?

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