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Twisted Mind ~ A Poem

Posted: July 8, 2010


I wrote this poem in 2002. I enjoy poetry, albeit I don't consider myself to be a poet, mostly because I don't follow proper format at times. However, I must admit that what I've written in the past tends to surface again later in life. I have a few good poems. I haven't really shared them with people, mostly out of fear. Probably for concern of copyright protection or some sort of judgment. All issues I must face because it is a shame not to share self-expression with the world when something meaningful is created. This one is called 'Twisted Mind'. I think today I would name it differently, but it is what it was created to be. Enjoy.

Twisted Mind
By Scott C. Leuthold

Blindly wandering wasting time,
willfully motionless without rhyme.

I seek to understand the mysterious reason
inspiration adjourns with each changing season.

Into the hallowed halls of steel
there must be triggers though strangely surreal.

Alone in the world these tempests creep
into the caverns of darkness and deep.

How is it they can survive?
The wish nor want to be alive.

Stirring our thoughts and fears,
these troubles command us like daggered spears.

Look no further than the wrinkled mind,
and be open and aware of what you may find.

It is there these things lay
collecting dust day after day.

In a startling quiver
they strangely appear in the rush of a shiver.

When this day comes, do not pretend,
or expect an uneventful end.

For those who look them face to face
will learn the mysteries of time and space.

©2002 Scott C. Leuthold. All rights reserved.

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RE: Twisted Mind ~ A Poem
By: BarbaraF - July 13, 2010 10:36 AM MST
Scott, you are inspirational.
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