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Posted: July 21, 2010

A fox is an animal adept at deception. An animal is a euphemism for beast. The (fox) tier, directly making the word pattern (Fox), falls beneath Number Six (6). Hum. Is this a coincidence that 'The Beast' is associated with Number Six (6)?

Research did show that Christian missionaries played a part in the placement of the Latin alphabet. Christian missionaries probably cared more about developing good character than did Church hierarchy, who were more about aggrandizing themselves. [If anyone doubts this, read Irving Stone's, The Agony and the Ecstacy, a biographical novel of Michelangelo, (1961). Irving Stone printed letters written by Michelangelo to his nephew, relating the circumstances of his life as an artist under Papal rule.] Finding this connection to Christianity, however, does not endorse that religion. That said, truthfulness is always better than deceitfulness.

Three numbers make up the Significancy categories in this method. The Super-Conscious Life Path number is the Entire Birth Date. The Subconscious Attraction number is the Birth Day. The Conscious Direction number is the Name. Since the name is the only mutable number, it was designated as the Conscious Direction toward achieving the Life Path. Subordinate Names are also used along with the original birth Name, giving more choices of the Conscious Direction to help accomplish goals of the Life Path. Why and how each Significancy was chosen is elaborated on in the upcoming book No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE.

When developing an untruthful (Of Fox) nature, lying probably began along the road to Number Six (6) when egos hampered honesty. Do we have all the answers? Are we beyond becoming duped when believing the best in everyone until circumstances prove otherwise? Sometimes, all information is not available, and we just have to go with instincts even if they later prove wrong. Admitting to being wrong is a test of honesty.

Also, leading to lying can be when we became spoiled from being (Backed) from too much largess in Number Two (2). This could have led to not having a (Clue) in Three (3) why or how negative character traits were formed. We want what we want, and we'll make up any excuse or lie to get it! Having things just became too important when they were associated with being loved. It was easier to give a kid a toy than spending time at the park or reading bedtime stories. Getting too many things didn't bode well for landing on the positive tiers of Six (6) and Seven (7). So, the spoiled child became an (Ask For) Six (6) and a (Pig) and (Piggy) Seven (7).

Of course, we want to successfully accomplish our endeavors, but nothing we gain should be so important that it compromises our integrity to the point of lying and cheating. Not even 'saving the world' that pundits, politicians, and preachers seem to think they are doing when imposing their ideals onto the rest of us. Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa said almost twenty years ago that Congress passes laws they exempt themselves from living under. If presidents and congresspersons can look into the mirror of self-reflection after enjoying perks, profits, power, and privilege and honestly still feel they are genuinely altruistic, they should stay. If they honestly cannot, lobbying jobs await them. So many good preachers, pundits, and politicians are tainted by those who misuse their status to aggrandize themselves.

Nevertheless, we may not have gotten a (Clue) if we were a (Be Too Constant) Two (2), who became too needy and dependant on others, not learning to think for ourselves. Conversely, if we were not (Backed) at all in Three (3), we may have become bitter and angry. If we are not (Made Victorious) over our animus and angst in Number Four (4), theoretically, we move to the direct pattern of (Wen) of Number Five (5). A wen is a boil or cyst, needing purging. In this instance, it deals with emotions and attitudes. According to medical dictionaries, when a boil or cyst is on the head, the term wen is used.

Never fear, Numbers One (1) through Eight (8) have six tiers, and Nine (9) has two. Each number has both yin and yang contrasting qualities. For example, Six (6) also has tiers depicting the (Of Ox) nature. An ox is an animal used for hard work. So, Six (6) either uses deceit, positive aspects of intelligence, or hard work to achieve wants. If those with Six (6) as a Life Path number who fall into the negative tiers do not overcome those traits, theoretically, they move to the negative tiers of subsequent Seven (7).

Oh, yes! Sevens (7) can be very negative. Seven (7) is usually depicted as having the positive aspect of spirituality. According to this method of numerology, negative Sevens (7) can have honed deceit and greed to a fine art. Ah ha! Now, it makes sense! Why every person with a Seven (7) Life Path whom we know or have met is not spiritual, but the very opposite. They took the negative path. Don't worry. Seven (7) shows how to return to the positive path through genuine remorse. The will just has to exist strongly enough to want to change. Many religions and philosophies encourage changing bad character into good character.

Check out the numbers of politicians who have recently been disgraced because of cheating on spouses. You may be surprised or not to find one has Seven (7) as Life Path and Direction numbers, meaning he consciously knew he was lying. Wanting too much of everything and probably feeling he deserved everything, he perfected lying because of greed. But, his Life Path as Seven (7) gives him the opportunity to change through genuine remorse that only losing everything may give him back integrity.

... stay tuned ...

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