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Token Rock's Pledge To Bring Good Will

Posted: August 11, 2013


I have four key purposes for this message:

1.) To Help You Emotionally Heal: I wish to help you (if necessary) to overcome whatever you might be facing that you see as an emotional challenge in your life.

2.) To Share A Provoking Thought: I wish to have you consider the realization that we are one. We are an all-encompassing, universal entity and what we see outside of ourselves also resides infinitely within.

3.) To Heal the Planet: I wish to work toward creating a balance between humanity and our environment to bring a sustainable level of conscious consumption to those who have… and diminish unnecessary pain and suffering for those who don't have what they need to simply survive… or even to just smile.

4.) To Feed The Hungry: I wish to raise money to donate to our fellow beings in need. I wish to give to people who don't have room in their minds to think about a better life because all they can do is think about how hungry they are and how their children are starving to death.

My message to our viewers:

When I started Token Rock with my partners, I wholeheartedly wished to inspire the world to think and act with the best of intentions: to look upon the person sitting next to us on the train, waiting at the cross walk to cross the street in front of our cars, serving us coffee at our favorite coffee shop, holding their hand out in need for simple compassion, and see something within them that is a part of ourselves. I envisioned that what I was to create would help and heal countless people around the globe… people I would likely never have a chance to meet.

My partners and I spent literally thousands of hours pouring our hearts and souls into creating something inspiring, thought provoking, something that would influence the best of each visitor to rise to the top and radiate outward touching countless more beings that may never even find It was our own little pay it forward, our own wonderful compounding social interaction. It was (and is) a megaphone upon a soapbox that would vibrate every cell of the beings that we reached.


Today, after 5 years of serving the world, I am proud to share that draws more than 4,000 visitors each and every day to browse the hundreds of pages of this vast portal website. Some visitors literally spend weeks exploring all that is available on this site and when they have completed exploring the last page they send us an email telling us just how grateful they are for having found us.

Token Rock's very own social network,, has about 1,000 members. People may not communicate daily on the network but that is ok with me. I created TruJournal as a place for personal and public journaling and a place for self-reflection and connection with others if it feels right to do so. What I love about TruJournal is the fact that 1,000 people have stepped forward to say they want to be a part of what we are doing. Additionally, Token Rock's Facebook page is approaching 4,000 fans. I presume they are people who share the best intentions for the betterment of our home, our family and friends, and those who we have yet to meet.

This brings me to the core purpose of my message...

Beyond Borders:

The seas between land masses often seemingly separate us from our fellow beings in other parts of the world. Artificial man-made borders that seemingly separate parcels of land into countries add to the illusion. The reality is, we cannot deny our interconnectedness. Even if one cannot experience the suffering first hand, watching documentaries will easily uncover for the viewer the unbelievable starvation across parts of the great continent of Africa and elsewhere in the world. They further demonstrate the challenges that those trying to help feed them face, and just how basic the needs are of those who are suffering and starving. The reality is millions of people truly are starving unnecessarily.

These challenges around the world help put our own experience into perspective. They allow us to get a foot-hold in the sand below our own feet and with a little muscle, we push forward and start moving in the right direction to emotional self-healing. When we heal ourselves, we can then focus on healing others.

What you can do to help (various options outlined below):

PhotoA few years ago I wrote a book and created an e-course that was designed to address, to some extent, #1 - 3 of my initiatives outlined above. Please consider reviewing the e-course and the book. If you make a purchase, I would like to donate 50 percent of the revenue from the sale of these to helping those in need. This includes the paperback book, the e-book, and the 28-day e-course. These tools may help you along your path to peace and happiness.

If you cannot afford to make the purchase but feel you could benefit from these tools, I invite you to email me directly and I will see to it that you receive free copies of the e-book and 28-day e-course (paperback not included in the free offer). I truly wish the best for humanity and because so, the countless hours I spent over two years writing both the book and the course I offer in honor of you and your well-being.

If you can afford to purchase the tools, I ask that you do so. Half of the proceeds will go to keep the website and social network running and the other half will go to support people who are helping on the front lines to feed the hungry.

Take a look at the book: 'Rediscovering Your Divine Music'
and E-Course '28 Ways to Rediscover Your Divine Music'


(Contact me by following the directions below)

Please visit my profile page on, click 'Contact me' and specify in the description area that you wish to receive your free copies. Be sure to provide your email address so we can send you your free copies. And, of course, I would love your feedback after you read through everything.
Click here to CONTACT ME >

Or, you may make a donation below and I will send you the tools. This will allow you to set the price you wish to pay.



Or, if you wish to simply donate to our cause, you may simply make a donation by CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW that says Donate. Your donation will be on my behalf through PayPal and I will see to it the funds are collected for the purpose of this initiative... and, I will still send you copies of the e-book and e-course for your generosity.

You can also connect with me on my facebook page at Facebook/ScottCLeuthold or Facebook/TokenRock


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