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Three Questions That Could Save Your Life

Posted: November 8, 2010

It is common medical knowledge that the vast majority of visits to the family doctor are stress-related. Moreover, we know with scientific certainty that stress, a sense of despair, and/or a lack of motivation can complicate most any surgery and aggravate nearly any condition. One of the core messages in my book Inspiration Deficit Disorder is that a sense of joy, inner peace and purpose are not luxuries or qualities reserved for the psychologically inclined - such qualities are critical to health in every sense of the word.

Among the many tools I teach and use are three simple questions that could change your life. You can ask yourself these questions when you feel stuck to gain perspective, you can sit quietly and review them every morning, you can review these questions when you are on retreat, or when faced with a big decision. The questions are:

Who am I - really? (Do my roles define me or do I define my roles, am I caught in stories of who I should be?)

What matters most? (Have my priorities slipped, am I worrying about the right things, do my choices reflect my values?)

Which relationships are truly important? (Do I demonstrate honor and respect for those I love, do I appreciate those I depend on, do I make time to enjoy those I feel supported by?)

Ask these three questions as often as you need to until you feel clear and satisfied with your answers. Then after time has passed, review the questions again.

Your answers to these three questions should be your guiding light in difficult times and the vision that keeps you on track and grateful in good times.

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RE: Three Questions That Could Save Your Life
By: BarbaraF - November 9, 2010 02:49 PM MST
Dr. Ellerby, you know what is important in life. Thank you.
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