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Thirty-Eight Years of Spitting Toothpaste

Posted: May 17, 2011

At age 41, I figure I have been spitting toothpaste twice a day for the past thirty-eight years. After figuring in the first few years of not having teeth and another few hundred days I probably didn't even brush my teeth as a kid, I estimate that I have spit toothpaste somewhere in the neighborhood of 27,540 times. I find this to be an interesting fact since recently I discovered a Probiotic toothpaste that consists of many beneficial ingredients including live healing microbes that are beneficial to the mouth, stomach, and intestines.

As children we are encouraged to brush, brush, brush. We are provided by our parents a tube of paste chock full of what television programming describes as 'defensive' ingredients and instructed by our dentists to coat our teeth with super-hero shielding substances such as sodium fluoride. We are told this is good for us. Ha!

Harmful Flouride in Many Products

So, for a better part of my life, aside from the past few years of using fluoride-free Tom's of Main toothpaste, I subjected my bloodstream to countless unrecognizable chemicals that together compose into such brands as Colgate, Crest, AquaFresh, and other mass-market consumer brands. Frankly, Tom's is only slightly less offensive than the rest, and now that Tom's has sold out to Colgate, it may become harder and harder to even find a tube of their paste without fluoride.

Healing Microbes in Probiotic Toothpaste

Last weekend I was introduced to a whole new view about mouth cleaning and for the first time in my life, I was encouraged to swallow the toothpaste I was using to brush my teeth. It was a very strange feeling doing so. Swallow toothpaste? Seriously? But, sure enough, when I was done brushing and swishing the mud colored substance I swallowed it. I was informed that doing so not only would benefit my mouth but also my gut by infusing my body with healing microbes that I apparently had replaced over time by consuming processed foods. And, guess what, my mouth felt fresh and clean.


It really made me stop to evaluate why in the world I would even put into my mouth any substance that warns that consumers not swallow it. Why would anyone swish around in their mouths any substance that most certainly would enter the bloodstream if it didn't benefit the body?

Convenience Isn't Always Our Friend

I realize this seems naive and I'm most certainly not when it comes to consumption and application of non-organics into and onto the human body. Admittedly, I am only in the preliminary stages of a dietary conversion in my life. Let's just say it is in the plans. I believe in free will and self-healing and therefore also believe that adverse effects can be avoided at least to some extent simply based on how we think and feel. So, in some respects negative effects can be avoided, however, as with treatments of illness, a comprehensive approach is always the best path to recovery. Therefore, the avoidance of the 'convenient' foods, skin care, mouth care, and hair care processed products, would best benefit this 'Earthly vessel' we call the body. This becomes a slippery slope when we expand the assault to microwaves, radiation, leaching of chemicals into water from plastic bottles, and the list goes on and on. Convenience isn't always our friend.

It isn't that easy to avoid consumption of and exposure to harmful influences. The corporate machine has schemed to keep the masses consuming their cheap, artificial, and often, harmful products to line their pockets with widespread control.

Why is natural food called Organic?

The most glaring atrocity is the excessive cost the capitalistic machine has placed on the products we seek for healthier living. Why should it be too expensive to live healthy? It seems to me that life longevity and freedom from influences that cause disease has been reserved for the elite but it doesn't have to be so. The real question is, why is natural food labeled organic? Why is it not just called food? Why isn't the genetically modified, synthetic garbage that litters store shelves not labeled 'Artificial Food'. Why is the garbage considered the norm? Some would say because it is cheaper to produce but that to me is a misconception. It's easy for mass producers to make that statement but how can it be cheaper to add unnecessary ingredients? And, speaking frankly, it isn't any more or less complicated to leave sodium fluoride, a waste product of aluminum manufacturing, out of a tube of paste. Seems to me it makes things significantly more complicated to include it. Of course, it has to be disposed of somehow.


Note: Sodium flouride is not to be mistaken with calcium flouride which is naturally found in water sources. Sodium flouride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries. Other than toothpaste and municipal tap water, some processed foods also contain high concentrations of sodium flouride. Some include instant tea, grape juice products, and soy milk for babies. Ironically, there are actually dietary flouride supplements in the form of tablets, lozenges, and liquids. Further reading about flouride can be found within the Token Rock Subject Library here.

A Return to Localization

I welcome a time in human history when we return to localization, thus moving away from monopolization of an industry by hostile acquisition hungry corporate conglomerates. It is coming but it won't be like the old days. Technology reshapes our world every single day. Sometimes adversely and other times beneficially. Localization of manufacturing and food production will return with efficiencies revealed by technological advancements. The items we desire and require will be made available through the incorporation of these technologies coupled with personal quests for a better life. To know the source of our consumables—items produced by our friends, families, neighbors, and ourselves.

But, as with all things worth fighting for, we must exert some effort. We must stand up for what we believe is right for mankind by making a stand for our own personal well-being. Human innovation prevails when the need is there. All we have to do is turn down the convenient path of buying the cheapest item on the shelf while also denying costly alternatives that sit on specialty store shelves. We must find solutions using our own god-given intelligence and brawn. We must work together locally to support one another, contributing what we can to the community we are each a part of. This is the new paradigm.

Letting Nature Be Your Guide

It doesn't have to be an insurmountable challenge. There are many amazing examples of families who have made the choice to become self-sufficient even on the small tracts of Earth they have. As it turns out, Nature provides once you make the choice to learn what she has to share. With every dead end she offers several solutions to move forward… at least that is what I've discovered.

I shall never subject my mouth again to anything other than the Probiotic elixir I have recently discovered made by a friend of mine… and this is just the beginning. For the sake of my family's health I shall learn to provide in a way I have not provided before in my life. And, along the way I shall teach—passing on to the new children the wisdom I unlock from my all-knowing Self as it is unveiled to me.

I guess you can say, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Just wait and see what I create.

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