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'The Truth About Charlie'

Posted: March 3, 2011

I thought the movie title was, 'What About Charlie?' I was going to have a clever title of, 'So, What About Charlie?' I didn't want the title, 'The Truth About Charlie' as that may be elusive for this fella. Dare I venture and risk judgment as one of the 'stupid' and other derogatory names he used to describe the mere masses he seems to hold in contempt? Yet, he could not stand judgment from anyone. His defensiveness may have been to deflect well-deserved criticism. Well, to quote the old StarKist tuna commercial, 'Sorry, Charlie.'

Let's get to the point and put his numbers out there. His entire birth date of 09/03/1965 gives him a Super-Conscious Life Path of Six (6). His Subconscious Attraction from his day of birth is Three (3). Mr. Sheen's subordinate Conscious Name Direction as Charlie Sheen is Eight (8). I was sure he had a negative Nine (9) after watching his interview on ABC. Admittedly, I knew little about him other than his good work in movies. I did hear media rumors of this or that divorce. I've never watched his television series. Those types of sitcoms don't appeal to me. Nevertheless, it turns out that he does have a Nine (9) in his arsenal, and he is currently a negative one. His birth name of Carlos Irwin Estevez equals Nine (9).

What does this mean other than from understanding numbers in No Nonsense Numerology — The Code, I was on target about Charlie Sheen having a Nine (9)? His Six (6) Life Path means he is to learn hard work and truthfulness over becoming a lazy liar that is the negative side of the number. He does seem conflicted in that area. His Subconscious Attraction of Three (3) gives him an opportunity to (Cull) a (Clue) to find his (Luck). In his Subconscious Attraction, however, he inherently feels lucky. That was evident from his interview. Luck, however, is what we make it. We can lose it anytime. He seems like a bright guy, or was once intelligent. His subordinate Name of Conscious Direction of Eight (8) might make him feel tested, therefore, he acts like he has something to prove, also apparent from his interview. However, his birth name of Nine (9) currently reflects his state of mind as arrogant, angry, and insecure that are the negative aspects of the number. This also showed in his interview. Mr. Sheen is definitely not operating as the positive Nine (9) of rising to genuine confidence. To be cocky or confidently wrong is still being wrong.

Even more disturbing than his outrageous behavior and remarks, is that his fans enable him. It's a good thing that Mr. Sheen isn't religious with a political bent. He could have very well become another Jim Jones, David Koresh, or that lunatic out of Lybia, Moamar Qadaffi, Gadhafi, etc. The spelling depends upon which news organization reports on him.

The multi award winning 1975 novel, including the Nobel, Autumn of the Patriarch by Gabriel Garcia Marquez takes readers on a journey to discover why people let tyrants rule them. It is a fascinating exploration despite the English translation I read with the shortest sentence being one and one-half pages long. Each chapter was one paragraph, and the last chapter was one 40-page sentence. Publishers have reprinted it and I hope those aspects revised.

Media coverage of the current distraction Charlie Sheen presents to deter people from real issues, he presented himself in the past much better after benders than he currently does. However, what else may be going on? Mr. Sheen's drug usage may not have only changed his brain chemistry, but lowered his vibration. Negative individuals in the Reincarnation Dimension may be using him to sate their appetites disregarding any damage to Mr. Sheen.

The earth plane is where the womb is that accommodates reincarnation, thus, the Reincarnation Dimension. What does that mean? It does not mean a devil possesses him. It means that a negative person who resides in the Reincarnation Dimension is taking him over to satisfy his own lust. He may be doing so to avoid the inevitable of returning, or simply getting what he wants using Mr. Sheen, preventing him from changing for the better. As he presented himself, Mr. Sheen is an entirely different person from the one who earlier thoughtfully apologized for his unacceptable actions. He was humble. This person that Charlie Sheen currently shows the public was anything but contrite. Egomaniacal comes to mind.

Yet, what type of person would do this to someone without mislabeling him or her as a devil or The Devil? Perhaps, someone who could not raise his or her vibration due to bad attitudes would take over others and lower their vibrations. They simply want the things another in the physical has, unable to achieve them during their lifetime. Having lower vibrations doesn't mean that these people are stupid. Sociopaths can be highly intelligent. This is the behavior Charlie exhibits on his interviews. The extreme arrogance comes from those rightly realizing that being in a less physical dimension gives them enormous power over those in the physical vibration.

I suspected similar scenarios on other famous people who seemed to go off the deep end. Though not provable, from this dimension at least, I surmised Michael Jackson was one person who was not always himself. His transformation was too radical from the mental ailments that seemed not severe enough to warrant such physical and psychological transformations. Others have overcome or at least learned to live with similar childhood abuses. Before his plastic surgeries, Mr. Jackson seemed like a normal kid who turned into the antithesis of normality. Yes, those who become neurotic about changing themselves with plastic surgery are like a needle stuck in a groove that they can't escape. They are so focused on themselves that every imperfection becomes intolerable. Fixing what got botched, also starts the roller coaster careening.

The take over of Sheen and Jackson that may be and may have been present isn't apparent to those without understanding of the subject. What allows it to become extreme is enabling that comes from those who hang onto celerities, making them ripe for invasions. This is especially so when dabbling in spiritual matters without full comprehension as well being more interested in phenomena than improving character, thus, raising vibrations.

To be fair and objective, this may not be his problem. It is, however, is a real possibility. Drugs could surely have altered and damaged Sheen's brain chemistry from his excesses. Many avenues exist to raise vibrations. So that, if someone from the other side is using him, he will have no enticements to continue since water seeks its own level. Mr. Sheen will need resolve to get that tick off his back. It is about Charlie changing himself and deciding his real values, not 'exorcizing' some spirit from him.

Those who genuinely love Charlie Sheen need to shake him silly, instead of enabling him because the association brings them acclaim or he brings them wealth. Or, because they think that coddling is loving. I recall Carol Burnett saying in effect when confronting her daughter's addiction, 'You have to love someone enough to let them hate you.'

To paraphrase another movie title, 'Come back to the five and dime Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen.' ;-)

... stay tuned ...

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