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The Tightrope Walker

Posted: October 4, 2010

PhotoWelcome to October, the realm of Libra. My realm, and I'm not just saying that because of when I was born. We strive for harmony and balance like no other. Living in this dualistic experience we all call reality is, in my opinion, the experience of understanding balance. Not because balance is something that we can actually achieve, but rather learning that it is simply something to strive for. Duality simply means there are two sides to every story--always in a dual to overpower the other. It is, in my opinion, an imbalanced world designed to allow us to taste all that life has to offer and yet, find value in what is important to us in the process.

Many Libras tend to be, and I can almost anguishly admit, often times the ultimate strivers for balance. Our desire for harmony is not just for our own lives but for every life that our lives touch... especially those that are of utmost importance to us even if it means putting others needs before our own.

I just want everyone to be happy and my greatest challenge is often times the fact that such an emotion in others is not within my control. I find myself frustrated with this often, then after several hours of tossing and turning in bed, and then getting out of bed to write on TruJournal, or in this case on my blog, I finally come to grips with duality.

We need not look very far beyond our own families to find a microcosm of the psychology of the human race. I have more than enough people sharing my home to experience some level of humanity's social diversity. Though in some ways our home is a very warm and peaceful place, in others it is a constant struggle. Then on top of that, being the tightrope walker (a relentless seeker of balance), I'm always on the lookout for what needs to be fixed. However, when it comes to these entangled relationships and emotional pipe leaks and squeaky doors, rather than being 'honey dos' they are often 'honey don'ts'. I find that delving too deeply in the minds of those I share my home with to make attempts to fix everything can certainly not have a positive outcome.

Love. What is love? Where must the line be drawn in the sand. I don't believe one should be. We must love ourselves and do so deeply. We must respect ourselves, and do so willingly. We must appreciate happiness, and do so unexpectedly. These things are true. But what of the service of love? What of the outward expression of its power? Must it constantly be considered self-sacrifice? What if it is our natural tendency to be and do so? Love is an emotion, yes, but it is certainly one that I am not so troubled to express. It's not a bad habit or irritating trait if you are one to willingly express it.

This October, appreciate that you are smack dab in the midst of the Libra's realm. You are within the cardinal astrological sign that most strives for love and balance in relationships. Yes, sometimes at the cost of our own needs, admittedly. But often times for the greater good of those we cherish most.

For my birthday this year, I want all the hard work I have invested in the things that are important to me to make a difference. In fact, I want a pay off. I'm not afraid to admit it. Not just for me but for everyone who has been touched by my efforts. Yes, this means I desire for those who I care about to find some level of happiness if at all possible by my actions. I know I can't make someone be happy. They must find that on their own. We are all on our own path to that truth which will set us free. I'm just saying that if I my actions can make a difference I want that difference to produce positive, loving, happy results. And, I don't just desire this for those I deeply love in my life, I want YOU, my friend, as you read these words, to feel touched by me. I love Token Rock. I love it without a doubt. And every moment I have and continue to invest in it I wholeheartedly wish to be significant enough to reach your heart and for that action to mean something real. I want it to bring you at least a moment of happiness and warmth. It is why I do this. And, ultimately, doing so brings me happiness. It isn't self-sacrifice in the end. It has meaning to me. I deeply value that meaning.

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RE: The Tightrope Walker
By: BarbaraF - October 15, 2010 10:40 AM MST
Old Sleuth, Your blogs are inspiring and this one especially. You always come across as someone who embodies of what you wrote in this blog. I understand the need for balance and harmony. My Mercury is in Libra. The planet Mercury represents the way the mind works. I read this days after your birthday, so belatedly, I hope it was wonderful.
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