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The Subject of A Collective Consciousness

Posted: March 24, 2010

PhotoI find it fascinating how it seems as though subject matter flows like a wave across society. As if a majority become focused on a particular idea at the same time, a concept materializes as a result and spreads itself across the collective mind.

For example, have you noticed lately the influx of television shows and films that have been introducing alternative concepts of our existence. I wonder, as a result, if the collective consciousness creates the influx of the concepts or if the media influx influences the collective consciousness to expand. In other words, I wonder if the collective consciousness influences those who create the media to produce the films containing alternative concepts or if those who create the films and television shows incorporate the alternative concepts to influence the collective consciousness.

For instance, I was a fan of the film Avatar. I realize James Cameron dreamed this concept long ago, and the reason he declares the film was not produced in the past was due to the limitation of technology. However, I wonder if those limitations were imposed and now released by a collective consciousness. Maybe we weren't ready for such a concept until now. I ponder if the advancement of the technologies needed to create the masterpiece he did, consciously presented themselves in order to introduce a concept to the collective. Maybe the concept sparked in one mind and in order to spread across the collective the technology materialized from another fragment of the collective to, as a result, create a union or an avenue to present itself.

How about other films recently released such as The Fourth Kind. Now, one may argue that there is no solid connection between what the main character believes she experienced and what she may have hallucinated due to excessive stress and trauma from her husband's death. However, I found it fascinating that the entity that apparently overtook the individuals was speaking in ancient Sumerian language. Sumerian is the first recorded civilization on Earth dating from 6,000 years ago. In fact, there was a part of the film that seemed to suggest that the book of Genesis in the Bible was at least in part a replica of the ancient Sumerian tablets.

Sumerians believed that the Annunaki, (referred to as Nephilium in the Bible) came from heaven to Earth. Theorists such as Zecharia Sitchen claim that the Annunaki were ancient astronauts.

Why would the subject of Sumerians seem to pop up now? Was it a single media producer wanting to influence the collective with the introduction of Sumerians to a public audience that may not know much about the ancient culture? Or, did the collective consciousness influence the producer to put out such a film.

How about the new television series 'V' which depicts visitors whom present themselves with human skin but underneath they are reptilian. Are the power brokers, media, and government (which are all one in the same in my opinion) preparing the collective for something that may come to pass, trying to influence the consciousness to materialize the concept into reality, or is it all just fear-based entertainment (diversion)?

The 5-year series LOST recently revealed that the island is, in a sense, a cork that holds back evil. Jacob (who wears white) represents the power to keep evil at bay and the 'black smoke', the gentleman whom wears black, represents the devil who wants to escape. I find it interesting how, in the show, this relationship is depicted as a balance 'Yin and Yang', and how that balance can't be broken.

Then there is the new show 'Past Lives' that, in typical Hollywood style, focuses on past life trauma experiences. Not all past life experiences are bad, of course. However, today many new thinkers feel we are strongly connected to our past lives and we move about our daily lives with these memories influencing every cell in our bodies (cellular memory). The concept of past lives is far from new, but why all of the sudden are we seeing such a concept as the central focus of a prime time television show?

Beyond these films and others, we experience the constant presentations on History Channel and Science Channel that cover everything from the Nazca Lines of Peru to Egyptian use of ancient light bulbs and even coverage of the ancient laser precision imprints of the Flower of Life found at the Osirian Temple in Egypt... not to mention concept after concept in the realm of quantum science introduced by Michio Kaku. Not all new, but certainly shown more and more.

I am intrigued to say the least that the general public, many who may not have allowed themselves to open up to the vast expanse of possibilities (for various reasons including the fear they may go to hell for forsaking God), are being exposed. I applaud the collective consciousness for its simultaneous sparks and collective thought processes. Our future may contain new revelations, or life may just go on as usual.

Either way it is apparent that, though our physical world seems to be closing in on us with seemingly 'freeing' technologies which in fact are delivering just the opposite, our consciousness collectively is growing out of the constraints of past belief systems. Frankly, it seems that the power brokers (through the introduction of convenient technologies) are working to strengthen their grip but with the introduction of those technologies we as a collective appear to be use them to weaken their grip on our collective beliefs.

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RE: The Subject of A Collective Consciousness
By: baaartman - August 9, 2010 05:48 AM MST
Perhaps the number of films is people 'awakening' to the fact that history that we are taught in schools is what 'they' want us to believe, and not what really happened.
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