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The Return

Posted: February 10, 2011

I came across some music this evening that, while listening to it, sent me whirling into deep contemplation. From that experience came my latest poem. It is called 'The Return'.

The Return

I've been here before among the willows and stone
Returning again for what's left to be shown

Far from the light of the grand mother's womb
But ever closer to unearthing my tomb

The faceless wanderers have numbed my persistence
But no power's been lost from my truthful existence

Take me to your secret garden above
Together we can plant the the seeds of love

No diamonds or crystals will find us there
The temples will be lost in our gazing stare

I shall not falter with the influence of fear
Hope bids me moments that have kept me here

The mind's eye sees a shimmer in your glow
This knowing drifts my thoughts to worlds below

Your warmth is my home in this unforgiving mind
This dying dream has been to unkind

The reeds of wheat wave noble and free
But our moment is lost in this melody

The rumble of the storm rolls across the plain
As we back away in the falling rain

We shall meet again under harvest moon
Summonsed once more by the calling loon

Returning our love on the wings of fireflies
To infinite unity like the star-filled skies

I shall find you there with the souls of a dream
In the light of peace my essence will redeem

But before this time shall pass and fade
I will unveil the treasures of emerald and jade

Below layers of sand and ancient stone
I shall lay down upon my resting throne

And in the moments of a polar shift
My spirit will once again be set adrift

I will know at once it was worth my strife
as I reflect upon my dismal life

For the beetle knows its way about
in the face of questioning and relentless doubt

Love is real, the seeker's reward
its music plays in divinity's chord.

©2011 Scott C. Leuthold. All rights reserved.

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