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The Power of Transformation

Posted: August 23, 2011


I sit here at my computer screen looking upon a blank white page that patiently waits for my words to be cast upon it. It awaits my medium, thus painting a picture like spreading explosions of watercolor recreating the powerful visions in my mind. So much has transpired over the past months… such commanding shifts have bestowed themselves upon me, delivered by the recent series of transformative eclipses.

My life has changed in ways I could have only wished on my greatest adversaries… if my heart were in such a place to cast harm upon another. But, my heart is open, and thus I must only receive its gifts and sculpt in my hands the raw cold clays of reality into lessons for the greater good. For being seemingly lost is most effective for helping us ultimately to be found.

The treasures of my world, that which is outside of me, seemed to hang in the balance and with my tipping scales of the Libra, where I wholeheartedly find my center, I allowed my ego to overcompensate the imbalance out of fear. But, we all know fear is simply a tool the divine has graciously concocted to give us vantage points from which to see what is real. What is real… really? What is real, is our 'purpose' for being here. Purpose. This is what is real, and purpose leads us to love. We are here to realize purpose. To learn who we truly are among the trials and the challenges we are given to face, ultimately, opening our minds to knowing beyond any doubt that we are that of the divine. Truly knowing what that purpose is, I have discovered, is leading the way for me to help 'purpose' fulfill itself. You see, I am here to open eyes, to love you, to express wholeheartedly in the face of criticism and my masculine ego… to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, my seemingly glaring faults and monumental triumphs. But, all is only scaled among the tall grasses of ego. For the aphid sings its song of harmony with the intensity of a lion. No truth shall be shouted from the cliffs of bewildering selfishness and greed. Lost are we whom cherish nothing but societal inheritance. Our true inheritance is that of the sacred power of love. Nothing casts a shadow over love, for love towers above all else.


I see this now. I see how my artistry of words, of images, of thoughts, hopes for our world, and my own realization and integration with what matters, what I am here for, and what I am setting my mind and breezing forward like the untethered winds of change to do, has been simply cast down to illuminate a path to follow. Looking forward, the path disappears as it twists through the thickets and meadows of my future. But with every roll of terrain passing below my feet, my own shadow casts out behind me as the light warms my face. I walk toward the light staying the course of purpose. I shall not hide my eyes from the brightness of truth. I shall gaze into the light and allow it to illuminate my soul.

As change led the way in my life these past few months, I discovered that with her difficult lessons, she also gifted me with opportunities. She always does… with the seemingly tough love she comforts us with. As I began to release my ego fears, as we must always make attempts to do, I most effectively rubbed my palms on the dusty window panes of life to allow just one ray to penetrate into the darkness. With each wipe of the hand, another ray was allowed in, until one of those rays struck me in the eyes. Nothing strikes you like the rays of love and truth. These rays, though their power feeds our living world, also ignite the power of the divine Self. In such moments the rays are transformed within and photosynthesize into energetic atoms of peace and happiness. The seeds are sewn into the fabric of our own existence, and when nurtured and valued above all else, sprout into new experiences that lead our way.

One such experience I was profoundly blessed to have shared happened earlier this week. In the fleeting moments of a passing day of business I made a decision to wrap up my work to give myself an opportunity for meaningful advancement of Self. My dear friend, Sherry Anshara, was holding her monthly group meditation class. Preceding the class a group of people congregated in her facility. We sat in chairs staged into a circle. Of the people in the room, I only had previously been acquainted with one or two. Across from me sat several men I hadn't met. A woman, who was assigned the duty of initiating and introducing, asked one of the gentleman across from me if he would be so kind as to share his story of spiritual transformation. Brian prepared his documents to begin reading thoughts he had previously scribed. In the first few sentences he shared with the group that in his progression of realization he had visited a website that played a role in opening his eyes to his truth. That website was Token Rock. I was stunned so much so that tears came to my eyes. As his words fell from the pages my emotions took over. I had attended this function with my cup running dry and sitting across from him listening to his story overflowed that cup with pure purpose.

My feelings of loss were splashed away like a deluge over parched high desert lands, thus awakening my senses to realizing again why I am here. The difficulties of change, when not kept in clear perspective, tend to chisel away at our truth. Brian most effectively re-energized me. The divine sent him to intersect with me along my path to give me the support I needed to stand up, dust off, and charge again forward. In helping Brian, through my heart-felt creation of Token Rock, the favor was karmicly returned to me at a time I was quite vulnerable. And, in the process of sharing with the group what challenges I was facing and how that could potentially have adverse effects on Token Rock itself, I was graciously given the support I was seeking but not asking for.

This is such an important lesson for us all--to not hold ourselves apart from others out of ego. Being human comes with emotions and we should not deny them. We can learn from them and come to realize what their purpose is, how they effect us consciously, and how to overcome them when they broadside us and shake our foundations. Then we can let the experience go and get back to that all important aspect of our beings… purpose.

With love and looking forward... life goes happily on. ~ Scott

With deep gratitude, I introduce to you my new friend, Brian Smith who has graciously shared a few words about his experience with Token Rock.

by Brian Keith Smith

I have long been in the habit of stocking my library with new books long before I ever get around to reading them. When events in my life dictate a certain mood I am often drawn to the right book on my shelf at the precise moment that I need it most. I was longing for something to come along and wake me up. Something to inspire a change that I felt I needed desperately; one that would shake my beliefs and ignite a fire or passion within me.

I went to my book shelf and was drawn to a book that I had purchased some time ago. I don't even remember what book it was but it was exactly the right book with the right message that I needed at the time. 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.'

The book referenced a website called Token Rock that sounded unique and interesting so I went online to check it out. I did not expect what I found. Token Rock is much more than just another web site. It is an entire spiritual community at your fingertips. I have been using this site for months and still have not explored all the many wonderful things it has to offer. It covers the gamut on new age topics. Everything from Numerology to Astrology to Feng Shui and everything in between. There are a vast number of contributors who post to the site with their insightful and thought-provoking blogs. There is even an area known as TruJournal where you can socialize with other like-minded individuals and post your own insights through a 'journal entry.'

Now let me tell you why I believe this to be one of the most important sites ever developed. I have felt for a long time now that society is moving in a new, more 'spiritual' direction. A lot of authors have written about the shift in consciousness that is coming and I believe this to the core of my being. I can feel it coming. It is as though I am standing on the edge of the old world just waiting for that push to come and shove me right into the new. But I have been alone in these thoughts, unable to share them with others who believe the same. Until now.

Token Rock and TruJournal are the perfect platforms to build a new global community; to start and continue important conversations; to shift our consciousness one person at a time. I am so excited by the opportunity that Token Rock represents and I sincerely hope that together we can make this the largest social network of its kind. Now is the time. Don't wait. We can change the world. Let's grow together!

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