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The Love of Venus

Posted: August 2, 2009

Ever wonder why people put a 5-pointed star on top of their Christmas tree or why we celebrate three wise men from the east who followed the Star of Bethlehem? The answer lies in the importance of the planet Venus to pre-Christian theosophies in proving the existence of a cosmic harmony and intelligence in Nature.

It is an astronomical fact that Venus traces a near perfect pentagram in the Earth's sky every eight years. As a planetary harmony, Venus rotates slowly in the opposite direction to the Earth (and most other planets) with its day two-thirds of an Earth year - the same 3:2 proportion of a musical perfect 5th. Thus, as eight Earth years equal thirteen Venus years, Venus always faces Earth in the same position five times to trace a near perfect pentagram in space. The orbital ratio 13:8, equal to the Fibonacci number 1.625, is again close to the golden ratio of 1.618033... and accounts for the pentagonal 'star' geometry and its importance in the ancient mystery schools.

This fact was well known since the Sumerians and was associated with a string of beautiful goddesses, including Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus. Venus, as the morning star in the east anthropomorphized into a female god, was symbolized by its pentagonal orbital geometry and named the Star of Bethlehem. The wise men didn't actually follow a star to find Jesus - they were followers of the Star of Bethlehem or Venus, probably neo-Pythagoreans, Brahmans and/or Hebrew Rabbi who were adepts in the ancient harmonic knowledge of astronomy and 'music of the spheres.' They were seeking a new prophet to replace Moses' (Egyptian Ra-Moses or Rameses) old Age of Aires and herald in the new Age of Pisces. Remember Christ was the fisherman.

To these people Venus represented love and order. The pentagram it forms with Earth proved that the spheres in the solar system moved in harmony with one another. As the two spheres orbit, every intersection of the Earth-Venus pentagram creates a golden ratio in space. Known as the divine proportion, the golden ratio actually acts as a damping action to contain and stabilize resonant vibration of all kinds from atomic structure to a guitar string to our solar system and beyond. In a universe composed of resonance, the pentagonal geometry is an expression of focus, order and even love in all things. This was well known in ancient societies and represented in mythology so people could find hope and enlightenment.

From my research I was able to trace this harmonic knowledge from Pythagoras down through the Middle Ages, only to find that it was suppressed as pagan knowledge by the Church and forced underground into secret societies. Still, this wisdom of Nature's order did reemerge during the Renaissance to spark the Protestant Reformation and the Baroque (broke) period. It was during the Renaissance that the anthromorphized Venus goddess exploded into paintings and frescos all over what is now Italy. Even today in the souvenir shops in Vatican City you can still find little statues of Venus in sacred icon shops right next to statues of Jesus.

Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus,' painted in the 15th century for the Medici. Notice the shell and water theme with 5-petaled roses blowing around her. The entire painting and Venus herself is designed to the golden ratios in a pentagram.


In the Franciscan monastery at Tivoli outside Rome, 16th century. Note the connection of Venus to shells and the sea. Water represented harmonic damping and the trident the tritone at mid-octave, outlawed in sacred music by Pope Gregory IX in 1234 AD.


Also in the monastery at Tivoli. Notice the star above her head and the rose being given to her by her children, the Cherubim. A rose grows in a spiral creating 5 petals in the same way Venus orbits. Again, this is an ancient pagan goddess painted in a ceiling fresco in a Christian monastery.


We might ask ourselves why the pentagonal orbit of Venus remains such a mystery today? Why is this not taught in our schools? And why would our teachers and religious leaders not want us to know of Nature's harmony and love?

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RE: The Love of Venus
By: gtarrant - August 3, 2009 09:57 AM MST
"And why would our teachers and religious leaders not want us to know of Nature's harmony and love?"


If there is harmony and balance you cannot have a fear based dictatorial leadership system. By acknowledging that power works both ways, there is a state of equality between the peasant and the king.

Can't have that now can we..
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