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The Human Nautilus

Posted: December 27, 2009

In my own quest for understanding, I continue to be drawn to the study of the human mind and how it relates to the geometry of the head and body. I have always felt that clues to consciousness must exist in every part of the body and that we have but to understand the entire body to understand consciousness.

While writing my first book Interference, I found a way to reverse engineer the geometrical framework that guides cell growth in the body. The idea was that cells grow according to a harmonic interference pattern produced by a circle (or an outward resonant explosion) blended with a spiral (as an inward damping container). I came to understand that these two geometries can be found in all life because they represent the primordial interaction between light (or mass) as it travels through space.

It is a fact that as light travels through space, it is filtered by the cubic quantum lattice of space, transforming its chaotic full-spectrum broadcast into a coherent harmonic standing wave. This must occur in the evolution of life too, since life is essentially crystallized light, becoming more coherent, resonant and harmonically structured over time. It is not only natural selection that shapes life, but also movement through space.

We can understand this as the physics behind Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man illustration and its 'squaring of the circle.' As most know by now, Leonardo drew the circle and the square over the figure of a man to show how their proportions correspond to the archetypal human form. But what he did not do is draw the golden (or Fibonacci) spiral that forms the umbilical cord. This is a very important element because it demonstrates how the body resonates out of an electromagnetic torsion field that surrounds all life.


As a matter of fact, the body begins its life as a spiral, becoming more harmonic (more coherent and focused) as it travels through space and evolves in time. As it becomes more harmonic, its spiral geometry interferes or combines with the harmonic wave geometry, until it reaches coherence. This process begins as an embryo, reaching its pinnacle (or pentacle) in human beings as self-awareness and consciousness.

But even as I came to understand how the physics and mathematics of resonating circles and spirals work together in DNA to shape the macro structure of life, I was still perplexed as to how to explain the geometry of the human head. That is, until I realized that it too is a spiral and forms a vertical torsion field at the top end of the spine.


It finally dawned on me that we all unfold as a spiral around a line corresponding to the hinge of our jaw, twisting around the ear canal that forms our helical ears. As it finishes unwinding, the spiral becomes the frozen harmonic wave of our spine, which then resonates outward into limbs. In addition to forming ears, it also clears out the sinus cavity, pushing cell growth forward to form a nose. Spirals are very important indeed.

When I finally discovered this I must admit that I was both disturbed and embarrassed. I was disturbed because it made me fully realize my direct connection to such things as sea creatures and spiraling galaxies. It was embarrassing for me because I couldn't believe that I had not realized something so obvious like this much earlier. But more than both of these feelings, I was dumbfounded by the fact that I had never read about it anywhere before. How could it be that this was not something everyone learns in grade school?

Perhaps our teachers did not want us to know something very important - that heads are really a fifth appendage holding on to life itself like a clenched fist. It is clinging onto perception and awareness, creating a constant pressure at the base of our skull to focus us into greater consciousness. For if we were somehow able to release our nautical grip, our head would simply unwind out to a point, leaving us to cling only onto a rock like every other starfish in the ocean.

The torsion spirals of a galaxy are inside us all. Its physics are the physics of perception and consciousness. As we start this new year 2010, let us all take a step forward together in consciousness that even Leonardo da Vinci had not achieved. Let's celebrate the geometry of a spiral and invite it back into our worldview, as it once was in ancient times.


'Squared spirals' in ancient Greek jewelry (photographed in the Athens museum next to many other spiral designs).


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RE: The Human Nautilus
By: gaelan - December 28, 2009 09:57 AM MST
Excellent article! In your diagram that displays the relationship of the harmonic wave to the golden spiral, I could not help but envision the combined visualization as a human embryo with a spiraling head!
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