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The Connector, the Connecting and the Connection

Posted: June 25, 2009
“Let’s connect.” “I am looking for a connection.” “I am just not connected.” “Why can’t I create meaningful connections?!” The first thing to do is ask your Self, “What does connection mean to me?” If you think being connected means validation from outside sources, think again!

Connection, according to the dictionary, means a link, an association, a relationship, a bond, tie or union that has a correlation. What is a correlation? It is a parallel - a correspondence. This is not a dictionary lesson. The significance of the word connection is the consciousness of the word: that there is some sort of exchange of energy between two sources.

Well, what if there is no exchange of energy between sources? The simple answer is that there is no connection! Before you can create a meaningful and healthy exchange of energy with another source, there has to be a connection to your own source of Self. Connection has to happen with your Self first and foremost. Remember the old adage, “To thine own Self be [truth]”….. FIRST!

If you are not your own advocate first, connected to your Self as the source and resource of You, then it is challenging, to say the least, to connect to another or others outside of you. Without that internal connection, you can not make the link or hook up to someone or some group without a correlation of consciousness. In other words, if you are not on the same wave length, the same band of consciousness, or vibrating to the same frequency…you just ain’t connected!!!!

So instead of worrying or being frustrated about being connected to others, get connected to your Self first. What kinds of connections would be best for you and your life? What makes sense to you about being connected? Ask your Self where you would like to be connected. To whom would you like to be connected? What are the perks for the connection you are seeking . . . . or not? You are the one who orchestrates your connections. You are the one who is in charge of making the Connection.

As the connector, the implementer of connecting to what you are choosing, you become the connection. You become an influential dynamic of clear consciousness which puts you in a very viable and powerful position. No force is required. Go for it! Be the powerful connector; be the dynamic source of connecting as the purpose-filled connection!


“What most of us want is to be heard; to communicate.” -Dory Previn

Tips for Healthy Living

1. Consciously Meditate
2. Consciously connect to your Body
3. Ask your body to reveal cellular information that you have forgotten
4. Use your cellular information to resolve emotional issues
5. Send your heart energy to your entire body
6. Feel the difference to your body after you connect
7. Keep in touch with your body
8. Stay grounded
9. Listen to what your body has to say to you
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