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The Birth of A Concept

Posted: June 18, 2009
I have always been a conceptual visionary. I have, for some reason, always been able to visualize a potential concept for a product, brand, or design in my career. In fact, this has always been one of the key attributes my superiors within companies I've worked for have always appreciated in me.

With my career, I have been blessed with a creative mind and the concepts tend to just formulate in my mind the moment I set my mind on what needs to be created. In that realm, I execute swiftly and effectively. There is simply a knowing, an intuition of sorts that what is being created is 'right'.  Now, that isn't to say that there are times when other's input doesn't sway the outcome for the better.

However, if I think back to the decisions I felt I had to make to move down the path I am now on in my personal life, I can't say that I was able to view what that concept might have looked like, meaning what today might have looked like back from that vantage point looking at this moment. In that process, though I was the creator of my current experience, I didn't realize it.

I was stuck and knew that something needed to happen to get unstuck.  The difference was, the concepts didn't formulate in my mind. Ideas danced around in my head, but I was unable to harness the knowing that I feel when I design. There wasn't a knowing of what needed to be done to achieve my ultimate goal. 

I think that may have something to do with the fact that life as a project is significantly longer in seeming linear time than designing a product or graphical concept. However, in the grand scheme of things, each life experience, meaning the duration of our experience from birth to our transition out, is quite miniscule compared to infinity. It is but a moment.

With this perspective, I found that it was necessary to get busy living. There was no reason to delay any longer. I also formulated a perspective that I needed not know what the overal concept would look like, so long as I had the knowing that I was headed in the right direction.

Trouble is, sometimes the right direction is very 'seemingly unknown' to us. We may get the feeling that we are committing social suicide. Friends, that is where 'faith' comes in. Now, for some, faith is a word that turns stomachs, possibly due to it's association with organized religion -- that is what it used to do to me, anyhow, until I allowed myself to consider what I was capable of achieving with it. Faith can be a very powerful tool in creating change.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have faith in YOU. Ask it over and over until it resonates off the bathroom walls, refelcting and intersecting everywhere around you and ultimately, through you. There will be a moment that gains you confidence and you will discover there is a resounding YES that is hidden deep within. It isn't a matter of convincing. It is a matter of allowing yourself to know who you truly are.

Take that step toward self-empowerment with faith in YOU. With that feeling of love and confidence in your Self, realize in that moment that you've just acknowledged the creator you are and have appreciation for giving yourself the opportunity to experience the birth of a concept.

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