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The 25 Keys to an Inspirational Life...

Posted: October 9, 2009

The 25 keys to an inspirational life...Collaboration on a global scale with people you have never personal met is inspirational. The ability for one person to make a video that is so cool and innovated and then to add to that another person on the other side of the world sees this video and feels something different about what it says is inspirational.

I recently added text to a video that I had written about a few months back. The text over the video allowed me to put the entire writing into a visual format for people to view in one sitting. It gave me the opportunity to really put into the edit what I felt when I saw this video and 'what' I saw in this video.

Watch it for yourself and see what you think.

Tech Deck - Finding Inspiration

Below is the original writing that I posted...

A video based on fingerboarding/Tech Decking of which some adults consider child's play actually teaches you the 25 keys to living a great life. Adults can learn from their kids and kids can learn from watching something they love.

Stunned...I sat back in my chair after watching this brief five minute video to reach forward and click on the 'replay' button again. Each time a new version of the video was in front of my eyes. It was not that the actual video changed, but in fact my perception of the video had. I saw things I had not seen the first time, I heard things I had omitted before and I felt things that I had not noticed on the previous viewings.

I soon started taking notes, writing as fast as I could to document everything that was happening in my body, my mind, my psyche. Then it was there in front me. This video is clearly a metaphor for life. All the answers to life are right in this video for the world to extrapolate.

I decided to extrapolate it for you and here are the 25 easy steps.

Step 1: Watch this video in full...just watch...just take it in for what it is.

Tech Deck Pro (This is the shortened version...the full version created by Alexis Milant can be seen at the end of this post)

Short Version of the Video

Did you watch the video? Without it as a reference there is no need to continue. This video has a wealth of metaphorical thoughts embedded directly into it. Because of this nearly 750,000 people have watched and most think it is amazing, art, next generation in tech decking. I think it explains what life is and should be.

Here are the 25 metaphors to living a great life presented in this video. I will use the time stamp method for you to go reference in the future.

1. 00:01 - Keys to Life- They are always right in front of you...You simply need to be daring enough to try them out. Be willing to try new things. Apprehension to try something new is apart of life, but the keys to your success lay in front of you to grab, put in the ignition and turn that motor on.

2. 00:18 - Just Start - Pushing off with one foot will always gain you momentum on your journey. Once you are moving it is easier to stay moving and pick up speed.

3. 00:23 - Life Comes at You Fast- Be prepared to take life head on. The second you push off and gain momentum the obstacles in your life will most definitely present themselves. Your job is to navigate through them, over them, around them...but stay the straight line of the course you have set out or your vision of success will not be obtained.

4. 00:29 - Listen to the World Around You - Tune in to your world and learn to hear the answers that are always around you. You simply need to listen to what is going on inside your head, outside of your body and the world iteself that is telling you everything you need to know.

5. 00:46 - Eat Well - When presented with the options of all the food in the world...your choice should be to 'eat well'. Use the right cooking utensils, and oils to make the food that you put into your body. Enjoy the tools of creating great food to live a healthy life.

6. 01:00 - Be Artistic - Allow your creative side to be open to the world. We are all born creative. Then we are drilled with the basic fundamentals of learning unfortunately most of are eventually educated out of our creative sides. Recognize this need for 'you as a being' to be creative and you will never fail.

7. 01:10 - Travel, Travel, Travel - Be prepared to travel your home town, your state/country and the world we live in. Enjoy the obstacles that happen when you travel and import them into who you are and the own style that you create in your life.

8. 01:15 - Choices...Go Left And Choose Knowledge - When faced with a choice always choose knowledge first. It can be either schooling or self taught knowledge. Find things that challenge you to gain knowledge and then learn what it takes to conquer that task with the knowledge gained. Be the King who conquered the whole board.

9. 01:28 - Take In The Arts - Remember to stop and take in the world of arts that are all around us. Ponder them for what they are and then move on. Remember to stay open to your creative side.

10. 01:35 - Attempt Impossible Feats - When faced with a monstrous feat that nearly seems impossible...Attempt It! You may be surprised that you land with both feat and keep moving. Then do it again with vigor by running back up to the place of challenge only to face it again and show the world that your success was not just a 'one time' thing.

11. 01:50 - Go The Other Direction In Life - People that travel in the oposite direction of life from most people...will most often succeed. - Be prepared though, things will come at you fast in this direction too. (see #3) By now you will be able to handle this obstacles with no problem.

12. 01:55 - Continue Being Creative - Creativity is required at every step in is something that must never be forgotten.

13. 02:05 - Never Stop Traveling -The world holds a world of the world and your own life will grow infinitely. Travel again and see the same world you saw before with different eyes.

14. 02:10 - Choices - Certainty vs Uncertainty - When faced with two choices and one (left) is a choice you know for certain and the other (right) is uncertain...always choose 'uncertainty'. It is just as much apart of the 6 human needs. You will be surprised at what you find.

15. 02:12 - The Right Tools - It is important to have the right tools in the toolbox. It also helps to have a variety of tools. The right tool for the right job always works best. What does your tool box hold? You never know what you can build in your life when the tools are used together to create something really cool. Use these very tools again and again and again.

16. 02:53 - Stay A Kid And Play - Stay in touch with the inner kid in you and make your life playtime all the time. Without the color and brightness of being a kid the world can seem a very dark and boring place.

17. 03:05 - The Power Of Communication - Understand the power of communication on a global level. Communication development and its understanding of use is one of the most important tools you can have in your toolbox. Communication in your relationships, jobs, friends and everyday interactions will define who you are and who you want to become.

18. 03:20 - When The Weather Is Bad...Play - When the weather in your life turns bad or takes a wrong turn you have two choices. Stay inside and comfort yourself with food or get out there and play. Get out and face the world no matter what gray clouds are hanging over. Nine times out of ten you will find that the bad weather works to your advantage and makes for a day that is worth remembering.

19: 03:40 - Go Down The Dark Alleys - When you see a dark alley or an unclear path in life...but you are pulled to venture into the unknown...GO! These are the places that most people hide from their greatest fears. The fear of the unknown, danger and darkness of the unexpected. The truly successful know that these places hold the most riches for all aspects in their lives. These successful people will glide out of the well lit area into the adventure that awaits them on this dark path.

20: 03:49 - Dark Places Still Have Obstacles - These dark places still have obstacles to overcome, but the knowledge and skill you have gained up until this point allow you to easily and successfully navigate them to keep moving forward.

21: 03:57 - Moving Forward With Proper Communication Leads to the Familiarity Of Playtime - When you have successfully navigated the obstacles on the dark path then the playtime of life awaits. Enjoy it because it is why you traveled down this dark alley. For the fruit and vibrancy of the color and feeling of being at play. Even work can be play. Choose to be that happy kid that enjoyed all aspects of your journey.

22: 04:12 - Stop And Ponder Your Next Move - Once your life has become clear and work has turned to play you feel great. Stop and ponder your next move. Without growth then you will surely die. Taking in a moment to think and change directions are some of the best things you can do for your life.

23: 04:20 - Read For Life -Reading is the best thing you can do in order to do great things in this world. Read everything you can get your hands on or bring up on the Internet. Read everything from the classics to the latest bestseller. Books are the launching point for great things and reaching great heights. They also allow you the landing platform for taking in a whole day and relaxing on the couch.

24: 04:36 - Enjoy Entertainment - Always enjoy the entertainment of life. A good movie, show or event can help center you from all the outside forces that are continually pulling you in different directions. It could be a darker movie like Buffalo 66 or some foreign film that brings you to another country. Enjoy entertainment for all it has to offer. This is one of the reason we love to live our lives. Simply to enjoy the fruits of the entertainment in our world, that truly makes us happy.

25: 04:55 - We All Die In The End! - Sad as it may seem we do all die in the end. Should it keep you from being who you could be and all that you can accomplish? Sometimes the obstacles that come at us fast in life do in fact catch up to us and kill us. But without experiencing these obstacles, overcoming their challenges that they present to us...then we would have never have lived at all! Would you have rather died at the 00:23 time mark or lived all that you were about to live up until the 04:55 mark? A lot of life, experiences and events made the journey amazingly fun. All you had to do was face the obstacle at 00:23 to experience all that was to come.

Enjoy life...enjoy these 25 keys to living a great life as experienced through something as simple as Fingerboarding/Tech Decking.

Here is the video it now to see how you see life differently. (This is the slightly longer version, but the added film in the beginning and the end really shows the creativity of the creator Alexis Milant. See how he uses #6 and #12 in his life)

Long Version of Video

Comments are appreciated...

I would like to personally thank the creator of this video Alexis can see more of his work at his own website. Alexis has inspired me to think differently in what is possible with audio, visual and creativity.

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