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Thanks for the memories!

Posted: August 16, 2009

Isn't interesting that when we go to the past, not always,but usually, the memories are not positive. Did you ever consider why this happens. Well for one thing there are more negative words and thought patterns in the English language then there are positive ones. I always wonder if that is the truth for other language, but since the negative programs run so deep and we bring them in lifetime after lifetime, when we didn't speak English I am sure it is the same for other backgrounds Of course, the negativity is based upon fear, but then that is another blog.

Anyway back to the negative memories (yech!). So when I am overtired or feeling less energetic, what I do is this. I recall, not relive, but again recall a time when I was full of energy, having the best time of my life when my body and my self were at oneness.

The day I soloed an airplane 'is' the best day of my life. I am energized to the max....having the best time, flying high (naturally) and loving my life and experience. So back to those overtired or stressed times, I lay on my bed, use these wondrous memories, converse with my body and tell all my cells, molecules and particles to remember the extraordinary feelings then. Within seconds (it takes practice)

I am energerized, excited about life, because my body 'remembers' these exciting moments in my history. For me this is a great technique, especially when there is not time to meditation. What i am doing is being fuly conscious, accessing my memory banks and assisting myself to feel fabuluos.

Give is go and see what happens.

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