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Teetering on the Brink

Posted: October 15, 2010

Alright already. I'm going back on Message. I haven't talked Life Force directly for a long time, though almost everything has to do with it.

The way the world is anymore, our fragile Life Forces can be stolen or extinguished more easily than ever. Those feeling desperate, whose own Life Forces teeter on the brink can sometimes feel the need to (Gyp) others. (The word pattern (Gyp) is also one direct tier of Number Seven (7)).

Normally nice people now justify to themselves about cutting corners or doing things that, ultimately, steal from others, e.g., by doing work that may need redoing. Perhaps, the stupid woman won't know the difference if a vacuum hose is pulled out of the carburetor, making the car idle rough. But don't always count on it because it may have happened before, and the mere woman learned from it the first time.

Why would someone do this or something similar like shortchanging customers? The economy is bad. It may never get any better because everyone wants their piece of the pie. Thanks to government, the rich are getting richer. Thanks to unions, prices keep going up to pay for paychecks and perks of their leadership. Landlords aren't going to stop asking for more money every year. The price of gas only went up high enough to make where it landed seem reasonable when it came down again. It isn't reasonable. When compared to the minimum wage that some Republicans want to do away with, the price of a gallon of gas is outrageous, especially for those having to use cars and trucks for work.

Yes, some Republicans want to turn this country into a Third World free-for-all where corporations can see just how low desperate Americans will go. This Administration and Congress swung the pendulum so far left that citizens, trying to balance the country, are willing to let the pendulum swing back to the far right. How do citizens stand a chance against people whose Life Forces are so weak that they want to recover them by controlling the lives of everyone else to the extreme? All, while they benefit personally?

What is really killing wage earners is the cost of housing. Renters get fleeced every year. And, it was Jimmy Carter's fault that rents are so high now. (Cleansing his soul with Habitat for Humanity, is he? Rewriting his presidential history seems another method he is using to wipe the slate clean.) When he was the President, an aide told him that people paid too much for rent. With all good intentions, I'm sure, he immediately announced he would institute a federal rent freeze that he never did do. (This forced state governments to do so.) No sooner than he announced it, rents skyrocketed. Some went up more than 300 percent in one day. They have never come down again. I was there at the beginning, so I remember well the sequence of events. Who is going to give up his or her piece of the pie by actually lowering rents for their renters?

It is rare, but, I've actually heard of this being done. The landlords, probably have healthy Life Forces, not encumbered by greed and deceit, which are the lowest denominators of the human psyche according to the method of numerology in No Nonsense Numerology - The Code.

As much as we all hated Nixon, he didn't commit the blunders (except covering up Watergate) that his successors have committed against the country. The 10% income tax surcharge for everyone was only temporary. We citizens bit the bullet, but understood. And, they were temporary. Once they fixed the problem, they were eliminated. Pre Watergate, we actually believed those in government to tell us the truth. Making citizens cynical was probably Nixon's worst crime.

What is happening now is insanity. It is making people so scared that they are willing to compromise their character to keep afloat. If this continues, we will be a much poorer country than just economically.

Looking at the bright side, the sliding economy allowed women to legitimately leave the home for work because, since the 80s, households needed two incomes to survive. Women have been freed by the crippling Carter/Reagan/Bush years. There is a bright side to everything.

Now, however, the continued bad economic status is just getting old. Is it really being orchestrated to cause a one world economy so that corporations are our masters? The heads of the corporations are benefitting because of greed of the negative (Gyp) Seven (7) coming from the (Ask For) of negative Six (6). (Again, all numbers have their positive and negative, yin and yang counterpoint, so don't freak out if those are your numbers when taking the positive road.)

How do we personally survive in such a world? We do the best we can to take the positive route without being pushovers. We don't have to get violent when silence speaks volumes. The individuals know they cheated us. Well-placed silence along with blank, meaningful stares hurt more than cuss words, especially to those, who merely slipped off the pedestal and are not hardened wrongdoers. But, any behavior can become permanent if not careful. So, when teetering on the brink of the abyss, grab something spiritual to hang onto. It doesn't have to be from the same song everyone else sings.

... stay tuned ...

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