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Take The Blue Pill. Take The Red Pill.

Posted: May 12, 2010

PhotoRecently Token Rock was in the running for a prestigious Webby Award, the premier award for anything online. Webby Awards are granted to websites that demonstrate exemplary design, functionality, content, and so forth. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of recognizable professionals in the industry whom are members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

We submitted last fall as an example of a quality website that might be considered for the award, and though we didn't win the award, we are proud of being recognized as an official nominee. was categorized under Religion and Spirituality. We really had no other options for a classification. Though my opinion about the two in that subject title is that they are both vastly different, the media, of course, categorizes them together... sort of like Syrup and Ketchup. They're condiments, but you wouldn't necessarily want to put them both on your pancakes. But as the commercialized world tends to do-- things get generalized and simplified.

We launched Token Rock from the perspective that everyone possess a light glowing inside, and that we all have the freedom to search for the source of that light following which ever path we choose to arrive at our own truth. As opposed to organized religion, Self-empowerment begs the question, Must we follow what others tell us to be true in order to find eternal happiness?

As I browsed the short collection of websites that were also nominated, I found some of them to be of interest, certainly, however as the Webby Awards came to a close and the winner was revealed, I decided to take a particularly close look at the winning site.

One thing that stood out to me that just didn't make a lot of sense was the advertising that was splashed before my eyes. One after another I was exposed to advertising for various pharmaceutical products. All the ads on the pages shared their solution to any number of so called health issues one may be experiencing. One ad, ironically positioned under the 'Inspiration' section, announced a seven day trial for a pill that would help me rediscover 'Wakefullness'. Folks, I am here to 'suggest' to you, no pharmaceutical is going to help in the awakening process. (but you are welcome to experience that path if you so choose if you feel it is right for you.)

One thing is for sure, as long as I am a part of the team that guides what one may find on this site, you will never find ads for pharmaceuticals. We will never clutter up the meaningful experience you will have when visiting Token Rock with biomedical solutions to any life lessons thrown your way.

Drugs may play a roll at times in helping us to believe we are in balance, however, ultimately, in my opinion, the answers we seek are not going to be found in a dissolving capsule. The answers will more likely be found in our hearts and minds and through meaningful conversation and reflection. Through sound and vibration. Through love. All conducted individually when the time is right for each one of us.

Here, in my opinion, is where we meet the true Self. Biomedical 'solutions' simply pull us further and further away from that opportunity.

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RE: Take The Blue Pill. Take The Red Pill.
By: AviaVenefica - May 25, 2010 12:14 PM MST
I took a hairy-eyeball to the Webby Awards "winner" too. Whatever. is where true bling lives.

For those who seek genuine pure 100% maple syrup for their Spiritual Flapjacks ...TokenRock serves.

Every time.
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