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Sun week- Creativity and Majesty--8/23-9/4, 2012

Posted: September 2, 2012

Sun, Ajpu, Ahau. Direction = Yellow/South

This is the day sign that Ian was born under. He fulfilled many of the Sun potentials during his time on the earth. Ian was able to get the information he did because those born under the Sun day sign.

commune with the ancestors. Sun people have a direct pipeline to the departed as well as spirit guides and other spiritual beings.

Aside from being a medium and clairvoyant, Sun people are very creative. They are poets, dancers, singers, artists and skilled craftspeople, especially jewelers. They can also be a bit theatrical. In the time of the ancient Maya, the kings were usually born under the day sign of Sun. The king had to be a creative person as well as a hunter and blow gunner. The Sun person may have to face many challenges in order to be able to manifest their greatness. They can be blinded by their ego and self centered, if they are not careful.

In their personal lives, Sun people do not have an easy time in relationships. Even though a Sun person can be very gracious, polite and mannerly, they have very unrealistic ideals for their mates. This idealism is often found in their goals for their life as well. This can often lead them to be disillusioned and hurt when their ideals of love or career do not fully manifest. Often times they cannot live up to their own ideals of love and commitment. Sun people are very sensual, sexual and romantic. This causes them to go with whoever crosses their path and they soon leave their ideals of commitment behind. Paradoxically, Sun is fascinated with human love and emotions. They enjoy exploring the intricacies of relationship. Even if they have their traumas with relationship, they can make good counselors.

A Sun's high ideals can lead them to have unexplained fears of the future. They need to feel secure with what is happening in the present and have clear plans for the future. Once they are committed to a course of action, they usually do not change their mind. They may often feel justified in using others when they feel that it is necessary to achieve their idealistic and sometimes unattainable goals. Sun people will often devote their lives to some ideal. Sometimes, as in Ian's case, their dedication can impact the world. Even with all of his disappointments, Ian was true to his love of the Maya until his death.

Albert Einstein and Vincent Van Gogh are examples of famous Sun people. The part of the body that is associated with Sun is the heart.

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