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Still Predators

Posted: June 10, 2010

Most of us get a little anxious from time to time. Why? One reason may be that things come up in our lives that we do not quite know how to handle because of limited life experiences. Another reason may be that some situations may not go our way, making them less than satisfying. We want life to be gratifying. Current culture teaches us that from conception we must settle for nothing less than fulfilling every desire. Otherwise, we are somehow failures.

That seems reasonable in a shallow materialistic society. Early in the development of our culture, those dominating others must have figured that to have society function to their benefit the populace needed good moral values that required working hard and paying taxes. Well, the working hard part never hurt anyone. Nevertheless, greed must have spurred the notion in those taking charge so they could live lavishly. Instead of earning riches for themselves, they needed someone to pay for the lifestyle. Farming has risen to a whole other level. We not only farm crops and cattle, but each other.

It seems we have not changed all that much. The format is just different from having kings and queens loping off heads to intimidate and keep order. Currently bad rulers in governments have evolved to getting citizens to anticipate domination, making an evermore evolving circus spectacle of elections as though it is the Publishers Clearing House prize.

Rulers are not the only ones who have honed greed. We now have rulers of corporations running the joint. Some off those corporations are pharmaceutical companies. So that greedy CEOs can live extravagantly, they must convince the populace using copious commercials that illness is a way of life, both mental and physical. Pharmaceutical companies even sell pills to assuage anxiety arising from fear they instill.

We do come down with maladies from genuine sources: genetics, environmental, cells taking orders from weakened Life Forces, etc. In a broader plan, however, sometimes having conditions that will move us from one place to another is necessary. Zealots may not abide that notion, having locked in their world view to what they can accept that restores their own Life Forces, i.e., what is good for them, is good for all. Observing life shows that some lives fall like perfectly aligned dominos, while others seem to succumb to capricious gods or just their own innocence when lacking knowledge.

Whoever designed the codes in the numbers of No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE, which also falls like dominos to rise from this dimension, knew that we must temper greed. Having everything that we want will do more harm than good in the longer journey by tethering us tightly to a more material world. Also, numbing ourselves with mood and mind-altering pharmaceuticals will not help us examine hidden motives for our outward actions to help us rise. They will lock us down to becoming earthbound from lacking real knowledge. Emotional and mental pains prick our psyche into awareness. Why does the Bible warn against knowledge, chiding Eve for having eaten from the apple of knowledge? Someone must have wanted to keep us stupid for some reason. Were they altruistic or selfish reasons?

Number Three (3) in this method of numbers shows that to (Cull) a proper (Clue) brings ( Luck). This proposes that its creators were encouraging knowledge and enlightenment.

Following a dimensional picture, however, shows that luck is really dubious in the broader scheme. Religious teachings ascribe that we earn what we get from somewhere in space and time, calling it karma. On the other hand, what we earn might be necessary to completing a wider goal. So, cosmic scales are not responsible. Yet is a singular 'almighty' hand feeding the pot? It is more plausible that learned individuals are working in the background to make things happen, bartering with this and that to achieve particular results of goals, missions, or jobs. If we tune into the infinite, we might better realize our place in this current space and time.

Sometimes, however, we are not to know what our goal is. Having this knowledge might break the 'spell,' or we might come out of pre-designed programming, making us ineffective at completing our goal, mission, or job. For many, the real goal of their current life may be closer to definitions of Life Path numbers that attempt to hone aspects of character for the better. For others, tuning into the cosmos may spotlight answers for which they have desperately been searching, and so, should do so when guided by proper hands.

Some spiritual circles teach that we are all-knowing from the inception of time. Why then are we in a densely physical plane, supposedly having originally come from a more rarified dimension with all-knowingness at our fingertips? If those dimensions are uncorrupted ones because of being more rarified and enlightened, how could we have become corrupted to fall to earth? Spiritual evolvement must then begin at the bottom and work upwards. This earth plane must be the lowest dimension of existence because we all are not aware of higher dimensions, but those in higher dimensions are easily aware of us. Also, we are not aware of dimensions lower than this one.

For those of us who believe in reincarnation, we know we lived in others places and times before this current life. These other lives had to have an effect upon our psyche in some way. Otherwise, what would be the point if we learned nothing, or no effect occurred to color the current psyche for completing a particular mission or goal?

Meditating upon past life existence may give answers to alleviate anxiety to better cope with psychological turmoil when not knowing the origins of personality idiosyncrasies. Also, we may not succumb to intimidation of predator personalities who do not have a clue to our personal Life Paths. If, however, no answers are forthcoming, this may be so not to break the spell, frustrating or forestalling personal missions.

Would the Mahatma Gandhi have fasted for peace with less certainty if he knew someone would shoot him? In the movie of his life, his last words revealed his surprise, suggesting he did not consciously know how his death would occur. He did not seem a frivolous person who needed martyrdom to build his ego or self-esteem.

We cannot succeed alone. Our ascension is their ascension.

... stay tuned ...

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