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Staright Glow

Posted: July 21, 2010


Yet another of one of the poems I wrote. This one written about 8 years ago. But this one in particular has stuck with me. Recently, the double eclipses, one in the end of June and the other last week, have left me with such a shift in my experience. It is so peculiar how the words of this poem have held such an accurate account of recent moments. Life comes full circle.


Warm afternoon and starlight glow as I gaze upon you
I ride on dreams of midnight blue
Wishing away time as the changing eclipse grew

Standing on edge with the glare of Northern Light
I watch as they dance like glitter in flight
Into the sun's rays they twinkle bright

As if in slow motion the particles drift
Resting on rippling waves they shift
Tossing and churning in a furry they sift

Playing tricks on my eyes I dance with thee
Watching as they swirl and stir around me
Standing upon them my soul's set free

Caressing the shallows of an ever troubled heart
I sense a new beginning will one day start

Only then will the gentle breeze set in
Creating shivers upon my auburn skin

Focusing again on the changing tide
My expressions of sorrow I must abide
Exposing my softer, more vulnerable side

The sun's rays disappear on horizons low
The time seems to pass on cautiously slow
As the day brings forth once again the starlight glow.

©2002, Scott C. Leuthold. All rights reserved.

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