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Star Week-7/2/2012-7/14/2012 Competition and Complexity

Posted: July 1, 2012

Star Quanil, Lamat. Direction = Yellow/South

This day sign represents the planet Venus and is therefore called Star. To the Maya, the planet Venus was associated with the myth of Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl. The Morning Star phase of Venus represented an immature Quetzalcoatl who participated in many types of debauchery including incest. Realizing his mistakes, Quetzalcoatl sailed away to die. The gods took pity on him and he was reborn, a healed man.

Many of the less productive traits of Quetzalcoatl, such as drinking, gambling, drug abuse and other addictions can be part of the Star psyche. Many Star people like to be center stage and make a lot of money in this way. Their desire for attention can lead them into the entertainment fields. They love to experience or make music. Two examples of Star people are Elvis Presley and Jimmy Hendrix.

On the positive side, Star people are very energetic, playful and can be very good in business. They have a lot of nervous energy that they need to discharge in hopefully productive ways. They can do a lot of physical work without tiring. Those born under this day sign are very talented at making money. Star is one of the day signs that are related to the fruitfulness of the earth. They also like to bargain. They have been known to haggle over a price until they get the deal that they are seeking. To a Star person, competition or pressing to win a game or debate is very important. They thrive on challenges, puzzles, and what it takes to solve them. They truly enjoy games, languages, codes and other forms of problem solving. Star people can be very detail oriented. They like to be knowledgeable and exact. They can often be found in the investigation or intelligence fields of work. Star people also like to work with different forms of communication like writing and reading. Star people have a great appreciation for music. When they are not locked in a deliberation or contest, they have a great sense of humor.

Star people also have an interest in psychology and addiction healing. They will often be found in 12 step programs when they have conquered their inner demons and want to help others do the same.

Star people like to share their winnings and are usually very generous. They like luxury and like to share their harvest. If they are not kept busy, this desire for luxury can lead to overindulgence. The parts of the body that is ruled by the Star day sign are the ears.


This week can bring some confrontations and also some debauchery. The Star day sign is known for both. It is a good time to debate anything you are not happy about so that others can see your perspective that is not expressed in anger. The Star week can bring out the fighter and the competitor in you. Keep this in mind when you are sharing your ideas.

The South day signs are motivated to express themselves this week. You will feel powerful, but keep what you are saying in perspective. If you do, you can win your debate! The North day signs may have a hard time standing up for themselves this week. Do not push to win important issues this week unless you are challenged to do so .Don't suppress what you have to say with alcohol or other addictive behaviors. The West day signs will not have to talk loud to be heard this week. Those that they need to convince will be open to listen, understand their side of the situation and make compromises. The East day signs my find themselves in situations where they are forced to speak up and deal with a dilemma. Don't take it personally, just be strong and let your truth be known.


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