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Spread Euphoric Adoration

Posted: August 19, 2012


I awoke on this Sunday morning to my son Cameron D'Angelo, sharing with me some of his new musical tracks. In one of the titles called 'Euphoria', being released on i-Tunes, he states 'get rid of the darkness, teach me to love again'. In such few words his mind is pushing the envelope to move his 17-year-old human existence forward and stepping up to live with purpose. In his way he is releasing his creativity to the masses to initiate inspiration for change.

Change happens within each of us one at a time. Not 'out there'. There is nothing but the hearts and minds of each of us, thus, there is no possible way change could take place outside of ourselves. Mass change is experienced through the collective. The commitment for change must be within each of us. It is our duty to honor and represent the whole for the greater good.

How shall you honor today? I asked someone this morning what I could do to help their day be better. The response I received was no less than truly refreshing. As a result, I sit here today and write… to share my thoughts with you in hopes of inspiring you in your day the way I was truly inspired.


My immediate response could no less be described as adoration; the dictionary description of adoration being 'the act of paying honor, as to a divine being; reverent homage; fervent and devoted love.' I have honed in on just how inspiration most effectively works. When one is compelled to inspire another, the wave of energy casts out from the source like an atomic shock-wave. The energy alters our cells… it is truly euphoric to see the results of your own good deeds, no less watching the shock-wave flash across the land. As we stand there watching, the wave comes full circle and the inspiration is reciprocated… always. Don't believe in good karma? Give it a try.

When I asked how I could be of service… how I could contribute to the betterment of this individual's day, the response was selfless. Their day would be better if I took actions in my own experience today to benefit my own existence… doing what motivates me. What motivates me is to inspire you.

(Support a 17-year-old's music ambitions: Download Cameron's song on iTunes as soon as it becomes available. I will post the link here in the next few days.)

So, as I put out to the universe my act of selfless kindness, she responded with equal kindness and selflessness. I can only hope that just one person reads this article and is inspired to carry on the flow of energy that I broadcast today. Just one is all it takes to make a difference… to feel the pulse flowing through the veins of humanity.

Today, I have adoration for this experience I have been given… to live fully, to share and inspire others, to touch the source in some way. I am with deep gratitude. I honor that opportunity by being a servant of good will.

In her final words, my source of inspiration stated, 'act in random kindness somehow… shine your brilliant light.' and thus, honoring that request, I glow.

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