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Spiritualilty and suffering - Why do they go hand in hand?

Posted: October 22, 2009

With all the press on the Sweat Lodge Spiritual Retreat in Sedona, has fired me up hotter than the hot rocks. For one thing, if I could be a paradigm shifter for the word Spirituality..let it begin right here right now. This is the most misused, misunderstood word in the English language besides healer, and healing (that's another blog)... The truth of Spirituality is the practical, common sense use of your intuition, being completely grounded and open to opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis. They are synchronzied with your clear consciousness.

I totally comprehend the Native American Community in their views of the White man shaman...really a shame... pretending to be spiritual leaders and supporting their 'converts' to suffer, puke, be deprived of water and food, go into an altered state without any idea or consciousness of what they hell they are doing?? First of all when you have over 50 people who have been too quickly detoxed, under one crowded space, in unrealistic heat in a weaked conditioned physically, mentally, and spiritually deprived of their own beingness by a GURU, which means gee you are away their power from the get go...and the so called guru has no clue that the physical releases from each of the individuals' bodies are swirling around this huge tent, exchanging molecules of weakness, sickness and fear, penetrating each other...and there is a questions to why so many got sick and even transitioned.

What' arethe lessons here Number one don't give away your power because you 'think' someone knows more about you then you. Number Two you must not only understand and comprehend, when someone is telling you to suffer to be spiritual that this is Bull Shit from the get go. Number Three Trust your intuition and your gut feeling before you hand over your self let alone your money to someone who says their way is the way to spirituality. No wonder 'bad:' things happen to 'good' people. they are not bad just not informed. So the next time you feel you must suffer to do be Spiritual...put your Self int the observer position, listen to your heart and your intuition and STOP listening to the guru or shame on him man that says to you to give up your will be lead astray! .

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