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Posted: August 8, 2010

It is good to share. Philosophies and religions teach us this.

To get all we want at any cost to anyone else, just because our egos need reinforcement through excessive materiality, however, may not be good for us in the long run. Can we argue with that? There are those who would.

Whether we want to agree with asceticism (self-discipline) or not, the Universe will teach it to us using finite resources in an overpopulated world. Interestingly, those who will suffer the least because of personal riches and power through political connections, celebrity, or excessive financial motivation are those who espouse sharing until citizens of this country come to their knees. They won't be affected from their ivory towers, and may even benefit by hiring those who have subservient mentalities, willing to work for starvation wages and are unable to complain. Some say, it's for the potential voting block they represent. Either way, it's using others for personal gain because it will keep them in power.

Why? What is the ultimate agenda in this? I'm sure their motivations are nothing but altruistic. Or, perhaps, it is their way of getting to their version of heaven. But, even that is a selfish motivation. Or, maybe ETs won't land until we all are of the same mind-set within a one-world-order system for easier compliance. Joking aside, it does seem that peaceful intentions have been co-opted by piggish ones. Those wanting to remain in power to live above the rest of us have questionable motives.

Some current globalists seem more motivated by greed through enslaving those in other countries with beggarly wages. If they were less motivated by greed then they would protect the hundreds of women who are raped and murdered in some third world countries where corporations have relocated. Apparently, corporations like to hire women in these countries because they work cheap, don't show up drunk, are on time, and are more compliant than males. Meaning, they are easier to abuse.

If members of Congress and the Executive Branch give away their own money in bailouts and financial aid, I'm sure their vibrations will rise from genuine altruism helping to strengthen their Life Forces. Making citizens financial slaves, however, through stealing their monies and opportunities probably will not as it is not true selflessness, and the motivations are dubious.

Past one-world-order enthusiasts were those who wanted a safer world after Hitler's misadventures into the ultimate greedy gamble. Thus, was born, the League of Nations replaced with the United Nations. The quote about the road to hell being paved with good intentions might be applicable here because their intentions lack credibility.

... stay tuned ...

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