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Self Esteem - Part Two

Posted: May 19, 2010

What would be the worst case scenario for those having completely lost their Life Force from total self-hatred and loss of self esteem?

Many scientific magazines, books, television channels, and Internet sites open our minds to possibilities about how the Universe works. Some individuals may even have Super-Conscious recall (a term coined in No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE to represent higher dimensional existence and memories), unconsciously guiding them to awareness because they have been there before. For, how can we know about where we have never been? Whether we have dimensional experience or not, keeping an open mind allows us to grow. We also ought not readily believe those experts when answers belie common sense. For even science fiction must have a logical basis, i.e., when science fiction movies, tv series, or books are too disconnected from reality, we find ourselves rolling our eyes.

Is the Universe chaotically succumbing to every imaginative whim? Is it throwing us into unending alternate realities of every human alive because the idea sounds fascinating or math gives us the possibility to never experience disappointment by living every wish? Or, have individuals not fully considered the concept and misinterpreted information, turning dimensions into alternate worlds? The notion of endless realities created by every individual would reveal a neurotic maker, who can't make up his mind about anything, so chooses every option. As conflicted as the world sometimes seems, it doesn't seem that conflicted.

Is it really one individual's design that makes Spring arrive every year? It may not arrive according to manmade calendars. It may not arrive at the perfect temperature, but it arrives. Some plants bloom and some plants fail despite our best efforts and fertilizers. It seems that sometimes even plants succumb to weak Life Forces. From a narrow perspective the Universe operates from a conscious plan of one individual. If the will to survive exists within every Atom, arriving out of the darkness of Evening, there is the possibility that the Universe exists because of innumerable sources. If life (being human form as the ultimate of evolution) cannot exist without life then who created a Creator? He would have come into existence perfectly formed from a void. If he existed in this dark void and one day decided that he was lonely for companionship, so created all things to make himself less lonely, where is the logic in this? He creates without any frame-of-reference? How can he know of what he has never seen, heard, or experienced? If he had seen, heard, or experienced the Universe before creating it, where was this? Things are surely created, but not in a void. People may make better mouse traps every day, but the idea for even the original one came from experiencing the need for one because of behavioral and anatomical knowledge of the rodent.

On the other hand, could not order come from chaos simply because of the self-preserving instinct to survive imbued in all things? For example, sometimes bacteria and viruses change form to survive when science catches up to them.

In No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE, Number One (1) puts the initial (Jackass) on the road to (Adjust) to a myriad of life experiences to learn. Number One (1) in this method of numerology gives the option to either (Adjust) to life experiences or (Jackass) (Just Ask) for answers. We can choose one or the other or learn from both.

Who thought of encoding the alphabet-to-numbers with meaning as one method of learning for oneself how to survive? Did a mindless Universe, reacting at the whim of another or others? Or, during incalculable eons of time, did evolved beings realize through experiences of trial and error how the Universe operates and find ways to help others survive? After all, our ancestors were not created perfectly, they originally rubbed sticks together to create fire and light rather than flicking a switch. Now, technology allows us to simply clap our hands to avoid replacing fragile switches.

Did this kind of knowledge make them gods? It may make them Teachers, perhaps, but not gods. Were ancient Egyptian and Grecian gods merely people taking control over others while in other dimensions because they went unseen? This would be akin to the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

Did those who were more learned pass on information to help evolve others, do this selflessly? Perhaps, or maybe they had loved ones they didn't want left behind through separation of dimensions that developed through an instinctual process of self preservation to endure. Had they experienced the consequences of annihilation of an earth plane before, so discovered what would happen?

To say that everyone has a piece of the truth is probably more accurate than we all are plugged into some Universal Consciousness so we all know everything there is to know. We just need to look around to see that everything is not equal. Everyone has unique experiences, interpreting them from differing points of view. Where we go wrong, is believing we hold all Truth, exclusively when divergent paths lead to the same destination.

The interpretation of the Buddhist belief that souls can return as animals may have as much merit as the dust to dust theory of oblivion. Acknowledging that everything is vibration and that reincarnation into a more physically dense plane is a way of self preservation until we can hang onto invariable dimensions, we can understand those beliefs from a deeper perspective.

If rulers cause nuclear annihilation, an asteroid hits, or the Sun explodes where do individuals, who have no equally-weighted vibrations, go if no similar life exists when not rising to invariable dimensions? Do they go poof—back into Atoms in the darkness of Evening? Are they recycled into nature as elements of earth, wind, rain, and fire? Do they return as flora and fauna when it resurfaces? Could this be the Universe's way of clearing out gross destructive negativity if positive Life Forces ensure its own survival?

In earlier times, was a universal process personified in stories to teach fledgling souls what they could not comprehend because of lack of experience with a complex dimensional Universe? Because what god with healthy self esteem and a solid Life Force would destroy beings at a whim, whom he supposedly created, for not kowtowing? He would have to be corrupted. Plus, the concept makes no sense, especially if mere human beings work toward healthy self esteem to strengthen Life Forces. Mere humans are expected to behave better than their gods?

It was Kings and Congresses who regarded themselves as gods who treated citizens and constituents with contempt and disregard. They had great influence on beliefs in times past to control the masses who surely would revolt against unjust taxation—a theme running into current times. In 1400s Italy, Michelangelo wrote letters to his nephew describing how the Papacy was the government. Though he did not describe that they ruled with arrogance that was the impression he portrayed. He was a loyal employee, only wanting to be good, humbly tolerating going unpaid for creating statues commissioned to glorify various Church hierarchy.

A god might be more forgiving than an indifferent Universe that might sluff-off old dead skin so that new healthy skin can grow. The ultimate that could happen to those with absolutely no self esteem, eliminating their Life Force, would then be to be recycled as singular Atoms of energy in the Cosmos. Is this grace, giving us other chances at renewal when so negatively corrupted with self-loathing that recovery is impossible? Or, would this be hell to totally lose developed consciousness and connections to anyone of emotional significance? Is this why early religious mandates were so severe, to make the uninitiated God-fearing so that they would work diligently to improve character to raise their vibrations? If this scenario is at all reasonable, it bodes the possibility of genuine death when losing all awareness of the Self.

Certainly, other options exist. Perhaps those having low vibrations may be spirited away to other healthy planets of equal vibratory weight to continue physical existence. This, however, proposes intervention. Why should there not be intervention? Individuals would have to be so grossly twisted and stubbornly irredeemable that oblivion, offering renewal, becomes the best option.

Until we are standing in the higher dimensions through our earned vibrations, we cannot really know for sure how a dimensional Universe operates. Suffice to say, we'll know when we get there.

[Thank you so much, Donna for your encouraging comments. I am interested to know what you think on the subject.]

[No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE, being published by Llumina Press is currently being formatted.]

... Stay tunned ...

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