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Save the Music

Posted: June 25, 2009
PhotoLooking back on my youth I can recall many times that music influenced my emotional connection to an experience. Though I didn't think of myself as a musician, mainly because I didn't make learning instruments a priority, I did participate in band. I played the Cornet. My mother's side of the family was very musically inclined. My grandfather had his own band as did my uncle. I grew up around live music as a part of extended family life.

It was during my high school years that I first became exposed to music in nature with the writings of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Their words, which I first read on the pages of a Sierra Club 'totebook' called "Words for the Wild", offered excerpts of some of their more respected pieces of work. It was here that I first learned about nature's music and was able to relate to what that meant when I spent time in wilderness.

Today, music is a big part of my life in both the form of entertainment and a deep connection to my existence. Without it I feel as though a big component of this reality would be missing. The grand scale of how music plays a roll in our lives is hard to get your arms around. It is vast. It encompasses all things. Music at its core is vibration and resonance. Two descriptive words that represent everything that exists. This is how we appear in form. Music exists everywhere and in everything.

There has been an initiative for some time called 'Save the Music'. On the surface, the MTV and VH1 generations may see this as simply the need to encourage and support music teaching in schools. This is of utmost importance. However, it is deeper. 

Music cannot be lost. There is no need to save it. However, there is a need to push the cause of remembrance. Music has not lost us, but we certainly have lost it.  Music need not be saved. We do.  Remembering who we are and our deeply profound relationship to the universal language is what needs to be reinstated into our minds.  Music is what unites us. It is the foundation of our existence and the key to every seemingly monumental problem this world faces today. It flutters on the wings of butterflies and trickles down the lush green walls of hanging gardens. It can be found in the calculated distances between the sun and the planets and the moments of time from high and low tides. Without it we do not exist. Listen for it. Focus on it. You will hear it playing as it always has.

Music need not be saved. We simply need to remember who we are and the music will loudly resonate through our minds, into our hearts, and wrap around us like a warm blanket. Music, the universal language, is love. And as one notable musician once put it best, that is all you need.
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