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Resonant Geometry of the Human Head

Posted: July 29, 2009

Dr. Steven Lehar, a neurophysiology researcher, suggests a resonance theory similar to my own for the brain as a replacement for the 'neuron doctrine.' As he says toward the end of one of his research papers:

'harmonic resonance theory suggests that the significant signal in the brain is not carried by the powerful spikes of the action potential, but by a more subtle and pervasive graded potential oscillation, as recorded by Pribram (1971) and Bland et al. (1978). The theory will have to be elaborated to identify exactly which systems or circuits are resonating in the brain, how those resonances are sustained, how they are modulated by sensory input, and how the subjective variables of perceived color, shape, and form are encoded in the standing wave representation.'

My interference models and perceptual metrics touch on some of this, but it remains to be seen how different brain functions (and sensory organs) emerge from this subtle resonance and how various harmonic impulses could be amplified or inhibited by different molecules.

I know of no other specific research along these lines, but I think DMT and other psychedelics act as an over resonator by neutralizing certain universal damping locations in the standing wave oscillation of the brain. Under this model, DMT would then enable a pressurized resonant implosion at the geometric center of the brain not unlike what happens with an atomic bomb at much greater scale. This might then 'push through' the Higgs boundary of the quantum lattice at higher harmonic frequencies, thereby extending conscious reception.

In speaking to Lehar, who spent many years pursuing the brain resonance idea, he has found little other research and virtually no support in the scientific community for the role resonance might play in brain function. Perhaps one day...


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RE: Resonant Geometry of the Human Head
By: gtarrant - July 30, 2009 12:33 PM MST
Just like clouds sweeping across the plains produce friction, condensation, then storms that finally erupt in showers with rumbling booms and brilliant flashes.. so do the fleeting thoughts inside our sphere of reference..
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