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Reed week The Great Go Between--9/5-9/17/2012

Posted: September 2, 2012

Reed, Aj, Ben. Direction = red/East

The job of many Reed people is to be an intermediary in many situations. They can be helpful with arguments and other types of conflicts of daily life. Reed people do not seek out conflict, but some aspect of themselves thrives on participating in a clash and seeing it resolved. They are ruled by the direction of the East and they are good at initiating change in stagnant situations. Ian would say that the Reed people can be in the water and in the air, so they are good at helping people see and accept differences in another's worlds. In many Mayan tribes, Reed people have the position of the tribe elder or wise man. The Reed persona rarely exhibits emotion under duress. That is why they make good mediators.

Reed people are usually way ahead of their time and often are able to be successful by giving humanity something that is new and unique. Reeds can be risk takers or ground breakers in many areas of life. The Reed personality is motivated by an underlying desire to achieve and manifest new products and services. They can bring innovation to whatever arena of life is their focus, be it career or family. This is why they can be thought of as an expert in what ever they chose to feel is their field of competency. Reeds are dignified and esteemed in their community. They can turn into perfectionists and if not checked, can lead to extremist viewpoints. The Reed personality loves to relax and enjoy life, but they can be extremely focused and capable of working hard in necessary. This tendency brings them high regard in their community and they tend to be well liked.

Some Reeds go on to have political careers because they are concerned with justice. They are insightful and dedicated. Reeds are deep thinkers. They often seek out careers as researchers and psychologists. This tendency can also translate to an interest in philosophy and religion. They like to communicate what they have learned or what they find interesting. This desire to communicate and to work for change can be seen in the politicians Jerry Brown, who was the governor of California and Sonny Bono, who became the mayor of Palm Springs, CA. Like Gerry Brown, the Reed person will stick with an issue until their goals are achieved. Again, like Mr. Brown, they can be crusaders and even politically unpopular when they are working for what they feel is the good of others.

Reed is another day sign that may need to have a lot of freedom in order to achieve what is important to them. They have such a broad range of interests that they need to have the freedom to pursue the many projects that they manifest. Even though they feel hearth and home to be very important, and are not big travelers by nature, they have a lot of energy due to their fire element.

Reeds are usually prosperous because they are imbued with the fire energy of the East and like to be productive. When they feel they are on the right track, they can bring many innovations to the world.Their openness to new ideas can put them at the forefront of many fields.

They have a natural inner confidence that helps people feel confident about them. Reeds are usually good parents for they have the ability to see the qualities of each child and the ability to bring harmony to their family. Mia Farrow is Reed person who is very dedicated to the dynamics of a large family.

The downside of the Reed people is that they can be rigid and opinionated. This quality can often make it difficult for them to honor their highest potential. They need a lot of appreciation and pats on the back when they have been successful in order to stay in balance. The part of the body that is connected with Reed is the spleen.

Jaguar, IX. Direction = White/North.

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