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Posted: June 6, 2010

What was it that guided me to the realization or theory that those with weak or lost Life Forces populate the planet? The obvious. I am no Einstein. My profession trained me to observe what people say and do, using obvious words and gestures, but also subtle ones.

When stricken with terminal illnesses, some individuals categorically tell us that they will conquer their diseases and do fight valiantly over looming death. When they succumb, the news tells us that in the end, the disease won or that the battle was lost. This, of course, is a battle we will all eventually lose. In a larger scheme they may have other places to be, and people to see. In this world, death is the only way to get there to, perhaps, complete a contractual agreement when needed elsewhere.

We think drug addicts are hooked on the effects of drugs. That may also be the case, but look closer. When drugs put users into a mindless fog, this becomes a form of death to escape emotional pain whether users are aware or unaware of this. Also, when drugs sap the Life Force from users, the consequences are clear. The Nicolas Cage character in 'Leaving Las Vegas,' knew he wanted to die. The character made no bones about it, but he took a longer route than using a gun or jumping off a building. Was the character hoping someone would save him? He seemed intent on completing his mission, and did no matter what anyone else had to say.

Others gorge themselves to death. When death stalks overeaters until they cannot leave their beds, more than the taste of the food has to be occurring when any morsel will do. On the surface others will judge them as merely piggish. Some are surely holding others as hostages to self-centeredness, using their sympathy to do it. Nevertheless, if anyone bothers looking, more is going on underneath. Perhaps, so buried that overeaters do not even know their true intentions.

A time did exist when we understood that the cause of overeating had more commonality with lack of self esteem than gluttony, but we seem to have forgotten. When surgery more easily fixes the problem than will power why bother looking any deeper?

These examples are obvious ones. Others hide the manifestation of weak or lost Life Forces more subtly. Who would suspect billionaires of having weak Life Forces? They can have anything materially imaginable. Needing so much or needing to control others is a hint that all is not well. Secure people do not need to control others to the nth degree.

Some people, however, do need to be kept where they cannot hurt others. When their own Life Forces are so weak or lost that they care for no one and intend to do all the damage they can to others, keeping them from doing harm is best. At least until intervention can help restore them.

Those who seem to have all the best of intentions may be propping up themselves while putting others down, using their philosophies to do so. Zealots of any doctrine or religion can do more harm than good like those who burned others at the stake for thinking differently than narrowminded townspeople. Just as some preachers today in so-called mainstream religion espouse hatred. Even the New Age movement of the seventies fostered intolerance. It seems that the opposite would be true as those philosophies supposedly gave followers more enlightenment than others. Knowing universal secrets does not automatically result in higher character quality.

Every action may not have an exact reaction. The conception of karma might only be a way of teaching goodness, so to do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. I heard so often how horrible good people must have been in past lives to become afflicted with this or that illness or condition. The finger wagging could have been coming from the same pews that put people in stocks for minor infractions when this country was less merciful. Many who died of illnesses would be pleased to find they were in the same company as Mother Teresa.

Historians chronicled John Merrick, The Elephant Man as having a very gentle and thoughtful personality. [I call him John as that was his name. Whatever so-called family members came forward after the movie of his life to say his name was really Joseph came too late and did too little. He had become known while he lived, so any real family could have claimed him.] That being said, why would karma give this man such a burden to punish him for past life transgressions if he really was a repentant wrongdoer? Are gods, the Universe, or karma so stupid, risking recidivism of remorseful offenders by placing insurmountable burdens on them? When examining the idea of karma fully, it raises questions.

Another scenario might be that John Merrick allowed himself to be an example that quality of character is more enduring than superficial appearance. His face held up a mirror to the intolerance of others that they could not see into his beautiful soul. Though the actress who became a mentor saw him with deeper eyes. Another example might be that his condition uplifted others by testing them. If, however, he allowed testing of his own endurance, but could still spark his Life Force, that would not be karma or the Universe paying him back. It would be personal testing of his own knowledge and nature.

Number Eight (8) in No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE is about being tested, e.g., (Hard Quiz) (Has Question) (Question Hard Unknown Quantity) (Quiz High). This aspect of numbers follows lessons of One (1) through Seven (7) and precedes passing or failing of Number Nine (9). To have put the tiers of testing in these numbers, someone somewhere, thought actions spoke louder than words.

Without being tested, how will we know our own limits? Not knowing or even wanting to know anything is like feeling, we deserved an A for merely showing up to class, but having learned nothing. Personally, I want knowledgeable 'angels.'

[Llumina Press is currently designing the cover for No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE.]

... stay tuned ...

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